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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
7.5 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"Southampton has good transport connections including an airport, lots of train stations and coach stations. It's nice to be a short train ride from Bournemouth if you fancy a day at the beach or a short drive from the New Forest. The facilities on campus are good but the gym and library can get quite busy around peak times. There is a different gym nearby that offers student deals and there are other work spaces on campus. I stayed in City Gateway halls, which were really nice and quite close to campus but quite far from town."
"The location of the uni is very good and is close to clubs, good accommodation and the city centre. The campus is really nice with lots of green spaces, excellent facilities and lots of high-tech equipment. Student accommodation is plentiful and varied. There are walks/bike rides through the common, trampolining at Oxygen and shopping at West Quay."
"Student accommodation has very good prices compared to nearby unis in the south and most are high quality. The campus is nice and close together, not spread out. The union and bar are excellent during the day and students can attend societies as there are hundreds available."
"It's a very nice campus with lots of greenery, lots of computer facilities and a very big library. Student accommodation (Chamberlain) is very well maintained and close to the uni. There are lots of sports societies to fill the time in the evenings."
"It's all very well situated. Town is a 30-minute bus ride from campus and buses are very frequent, running every seven minutes. Campus has large green open spaces, which are especially social in the summer, and the cinema and pub facilities are great. Town has a very large shopping centre as well as an abundance of restaurants, bars and cinemas. West Quay has temporary pop-ups including the festival of light and maze, which are always fun to check out."
"There's good access to the town centre and plenty of shops and places to eat around. There's bowling and a cinema in the town centre too. Portswood is close by with a huge Sainsbury's for shopping as well as an Iceland, a Waitrose and an Aldi. Asda is a bus ride further away. There are loads of cafés, bars and restaurants in Portswood. Campus has plenty of places to eat and a place to buy essentials (but it's a bit more costly). There are a lot of sporting facilities but it is expensive to buy the membership and classes. There's a variety of accommodation choices for first-years and, while the room I stayed in was basic, the environment was conducive to making friends in first year and the maintenance team fixed problems I had quickly. There are two libraries on campus with loads of resources inside for reading and loads of access to computers."
"The university is quite close to some halls and only a 20-minute walk from the main complex. Some facilities are well kept such as the library and students' union buildings, others (lecture theatres and labs) are in dire need of updating. Accommodation is fairly priced compared to other unis. There are shopping centres, parks, bars, cinemas, bowling and seasonal events like markets and an ice rink in town, but little to do at Highfield itself without a sports and well-being pass. Music facilities are available but not top quality."
"The university is an OK walking distance from the city but the city itself is a bit rubbish. It's full of chain restaurants and does not have much of an interesting culture or free things to do. The location of the university is fine unless you want to drive there, in which case there is a lot of traffic and no parking. It is nice and green though. The facilities are very good with the only issue being not enough space in the library for students. The computers and library resources are very good themselves though, and it is easy to find things and take them out. The gym is good but, again, too packed with people."


"The location is perfect, out of the city centre but with easy access. There's loads of student housing nearby, as well as green spaces. It's also close enough for shops and supermarkets. Campus is the perfect size; not small enough to feel unestablished and crowded but not so big that it doesn't feel all connected with buildings within easy walking distance. The buildings themselves are mostly decent and with nice green spaces. The 'red brick area' is useful and the library is very nice. Local shops nearby. Hartley Grove halls are modern, close by, good size, well managed and nice to live in."
"Southampton has a beautiful city centre, West Quay shopping centre being the main attraction. Highfield, Avenue and Boldrewood are all incredible in my opinion, although Boldrewood (not the main campus) has an edge above every other campus. Student accommodation ranges from incredibly modern to slightly old, but well modernised."
"The campus at Southampton is fantastic. There are so many places you can go and work and the atmosphere is excellent. It's one of the reasons I chose the university, if I'm honest. You can choose the atmosphere that's best for you, whether you prefer silence or a more upbeat area to get the most out of what you do and how you work best. The campus is outside the city centre, which I think is a good thing. It's very easy to get into the city centre with all the buses and connections, so that isn't a problem. It's perfectly situated to give it a nice community feel and access to the city centre. Southampton is a wonderful city with lots on offer. However, there are cities with more in the way of leisure activities. Nightlife is excellent with something to do every night from clubs to bars to laidback restaurants."
"The campus has a gym, a 24-hour library, a couple of pubs, a cafe, a shop, a hairdressers, sports facilities, a cheap cinema and a local surgery. My student accommodation was the cheapest of them all and it shows. I would recommend that people spend a little more and get better halls. Wifi, although free, doesn't reach me in my room all the time and it is constantly disconnecting. There are not always people at reception for you to collect parcels, even though it's a 24-hour reception. There are only three washing machines and three tumble dryers for over 200 people, with one washing machine having been broken most of the year."
"Campus is awesome! It's a working research station so we have access to the best professors and first class equipment. The city is rather un-cultured. Student houses are OK and warm. Students' union is great and has lots to offer. Brilliant gyms."
"Location is excellent, close to the food shops and pharmacies. The two libraries help with study space although more study spaces with plugs would be useful as the main campus library lacks plug sockets for laptops etc."
"Highfield campus is out of the city centre but very pleasant. Facilities on campus are unrivalled and numerous with many sports facilities and areas to sit and relax/study. The on-site student pub and cafe are both very good. Student accommodation is varied: there are some brilliant halls and some awful halls."
"I really like the location. My halls specifically are on a nice residential road and just on the edge of the city centre. The city isn't that far from London and the train is pretty fast, so that's definitely a positive. The campus itself is nice and there's always something going on. The facilities are good, although I think that popular library books in high demand are often low in supply and it's sometimes difficult to get hold of them. Also, there is no specific building for my subject, which is a bit of a shame. We always have our lectures in random buildings like the engineering building, music, chemistry. It would have been nice to have our own building on Highfield. As for the accommodation, I'm quite happy with it. It's a lot nicer than other uni's halls that I have seen. Also, I like the way we have maintenance, who are so quick and solve any problems you have with heating/electrics/broken things etc."
"The area isn't very nice (a bit rough), the student housing is below what I'm used to. The landscaping on campus looks nice and the facilities there are good but the campus buildings are ugly and all different styles."
"The accommodation is quite far from the university but we get a free bus pass, which is a massive positive."

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