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What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"There's an occasional lack of space and resources."
"There's a lack of seating in the library or other nice places to study. It can be very difficult to get a space and it's really frustrating so more quiet study facilities are needed. There's also a lack of updates after enrolling into a new year."
"There seems to be a narrow choice of modules as well as a lack of innovation and cultural events."
"The feedback I've had on assignments isn't always detailed and not available digitally. They don't record lectures either."
"There have been inconsistencies in marking and subjectivity."
"Marking is sometimes late in being returned and only one of the separate campuses houses the main library."
"I had issues with the accommodation department here when I first applied as I didn't get any of the options I applied for despite applying early and frequently contacting the university ."
"Rush-hour traffic can be problematic in town and there are often not enough PCs for everyone in the library."
"Not all important texts are digitised."
"The printers aren't free."


"The campus is based in Winchester and it's a bit separated from the main campus (meaning the social life is not great)."
"They allowed too many freshers in this year, which meant that I did not get accommodation and was not notified of this until September. This meant it was a very stressful start of uni."
"There is a range of things to do, from shopping at West Quay to going down to the docks. You can go on nights out and go for dessert at Sprinkles!"
"The student union could do with major improvements, it isn't the social hub that most other universities have. Bad organisation of space in the library. Many more desks could be fitted in so that many more people have a space during exam time."
"The societies are expensive, there's a lack of guidance on coursework and the buses are irregular."
"The private university halls that I was in for my first year were extortionate and I didn't get any other options. The students' union could be hugely improved. There isn't a dedicated student night held at the SU, meaning that most students don't get involved with it."
"The organisation of timetables and lack of resources and space in common study areas. The library is the worst."
"They could improve the supply of books in the library because some books are quite popular and there are a limited amount that can go around. Often, the books you need have already been taken out by someone else. I think they need to digitise these books or simply get more copies. Also, it would be good if the gym was open until later."
"Recent university expansion, buildings out of date, more students than some buildings are equipped to handle."
"Separate campuses mean that the smaller ones tend to be left alone by the union. Smaller campuses are closed during the holidays, meaning resources there cannot be accessed easily so you need to make sure that you have everything before class breaks up."

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