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Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"There are clubs and societies for pretty much everything, from picnic society to skydiving. If there is not the one you want, you can start it up yourself."
"The societies are great – so much choice! The insurance and membership for the sports club is too expensive."
"The University of Southampton has a great selection of sport clubs and activities and is also quite successful in national competitions. My club (Taekwondo) has great instructors, materials, great organisation overall and nice people."
"There are hundreds and hundreds of societies available to join at the university. From sports to arts and crafts or whatever your interests are. It's also a great way to feel part of the community."
"There are plenty of different societies and they provide a great social atmosphere. There's a society for nearly every sport and the sport facilities are great."
"The social scene is on point – rarely do I ever have nothing to do. At Southampton, the union prides itself on having one of the widest sets of societies available to choose from, whether you want to try something new like Quidditch or water polo, or indeed continue your talents in sports you do already. Whether football or jujitsu, the union's got you covered. If sports is not your thing, there's tonnes of interesting stuff, from course-related groups, to the steam-punk society; I believe there is even a Jammy Dodger society that ships in Jammy dodger-like biscuits from all around the globe for you to try!"
"There's something here for everyone. There's even a pub with retro video games you can play for free in it."
"Sports are great. As a water person, it's ideal."
"All sorts of sports clubs from rugby to hill walking. There is a lot of freedom to create any society you want. For example, there is a Harry Potter society."
"More environmentally friendly things need to go on and the gym membership needs to be revised. Other than that, it's all great!"

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