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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"There are actually many events with opportunities to connect with prospective employers. However, they are more suitable for engineering, management, law and finance students. There are very few opportunities for humanities students."
"They prepared us well in terms of bringing in many companies to the campus and setting up a lot of good meetings with companies. However, they lack in alumni networking and actual preparation for a job, especially an engineering based one, I think. That said, they aren't mandated to teach us what real jobs are like. Overall, though, I think they provide a few good opportunities."
"I constantly receive emails from my uni about fairs and job/internship opportunities. There is a career centre where they help you with CVs, cover letters and other things. I think it's good overall."
"The careers services have been very helpful. Lots of visits from companies selling themselves and lectures/tutorials on CV writing have been very helpful. The careers drop-in service is great for CV writing and/or any other job application questions you have. Although it is down to the students to organise these drop-in meetings."
"Career fairs have been very helpful to get to know possible employers. Great service is received in the CV clinic to improve your CV. Many events are directed at helping you find a job."
"The university has a supportive career service that provides career fairs and CV feedback services."
"The careers service are good. There's a website where you can see all career-related events on campus and book a place to attend them. There are many talks, CV workshops and specific career talks. From my experience this year I recall JP Morgan, KPMG and Linklaters giving talks. There are regular career fairs and there is also a website that lists part-time job opportunities and internships available for the summer."
"I have regularly been to talk to the careers advisors for everything from how to secure an internship to CV advice to which module choices best suit me for my desired career path. They have been as helpful as possible, providing detailed guidance and pointing me to the relevant university publications. I have attended CV checking sessions and been to careers services talks on how to secure an internship."
"Careers services do many events and send a lot of useful information. The employability week is a brilliant initiative. The fairs are also good, there are loads of employers, but mostly UK/US/Canadian-based etc. I wish employers from more exotic/unusual places were represented too."
"It's down to you to be proactive and visit employer presentations and fairs etc. The uni doesn't force you to go to these things. However, all second year law students are enrolled into the employability programme, which does actually force you to think about your future career. Very commendable."

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