University of South Wales
University of South Wales


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The good teaching and infrastructure."
"We're located in the pretty Welsh valleys but near enough to the nightlife of Cardiff. Also, the International Wildlife Biology course is unique and not offered anywhere else."
"Meeting lots of new people and learning new skills."
"The one-to-one help and access to lecturers. It creates a friendly atmosphere that is also relaxed."
"The best thing was being able to approach the lecturers and talk to them about the course because help was always offered. The atmosphere and nightlife of the university is amazing and it was the best place for me. Being 30 minutes away from Cardiff, you get the best of both worlds from pub nights to club nights."
"The standard of teaching is really high and the students who attend are nice. Support during university life, both academic and social, is great."
"The great open-door policy and help from lecturers."
"The quality of the lectures and lecturers."

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