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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"We have amazing libraries, a free laptop-servicing clinic (very useful), access to great online content (journals, books that would otherwise cost a fortune), amazing events and talks, lots of societies and careers advice."
"There are lots of activities, societies and sports to get involved with, giving a community feeling while being situated in a great city."
"The University of Sheffield has arguably the best students' union in the UK. The SU has a welcoming community and offers many opportunities to get involved in things and enhance your student life."
"The department of physics and astronomy has a very high quality of teaching staff and the quality of research and opportunities this brings is also very high. The pastoral support offered by the department and the wider university is excellent. Our students' union has been the best in the UK for ten years running now and you can see why. There is so much on offer and the food outlets and shops are great. I feel a real sense of community here and it is a very accepting and diverse university. Sheffield is a wonderful city to live in as a student."
"The best thing about my university experience is how responsive the staff are, both in teaching and other experiences such as departmental placements and summer projects. The social environment at the university is also great."
"There are good facilities for students including libraries and labs. The diversity of faculty and students' components means that you can actually meet people from all around the world. The students' union provides a wide range of options in food, travelling and having fun for everyone."
"I have been abroad with the Erasmus programme and have filled my extracurricular time with the university newspaper/radio."
"The beautiful campus, the range of things to do and the liveliness of the city. The teaching, the fellow students and the student community are great too."


"The mentors and activities as well as good students' union events and communication between students and staff. There's a lot of easy access to support."
"The extracurricular activities, social opportunities, job prospects and networking opportunities due to the location."
"The social life and nightlife in the city as well as the students' union and societies. We also have great library facilities."
"Sheffield itself has a wide range of nights out and has the safety you would expect from a small town. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the social side of things and it's a very good university for my course."
"The students' union is highly respected, we have a great careers service and it's a lovely city."
"The people I've met and the experiences I've had doing all the well organised extracurricular activities like sports clubs and volunteering."
"It offers a variety of activities and there is a diverse university environment as well as a mixed collection of students."
"It has a good reputation with excellent and friendly staff as well as varied and interesting courses. There's an award-winning students' union and modern facilities."
"We have the best students' union. The location is not in the city and is a great environment for study as it's not too busy or too remote. There are a lot of oriental and halal shops nearby. We have high-tech libraries, especially the new one (The Diamond), and we are ranked very highly for engineering. The cost of living is not so expensive when compared to studying in a university located in London. You can go to the Peak District by taking a 30-minute bus and you can go hiking or cycling and enjoy the mesmerising view of nature."
"Friendly with a great learning experience, social life and students' union. We're located close to a large national park."

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