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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"It's a very warm and welcoming city with a constant buzz. The staff at the law school are friendly, encouraging and supportive. We have great first-year accommodation that's comfortable, clean and allows you to make lots of friends."
"The university and students' union work seamlessly together to create an environment that nurtures academic excellence and also a well rounded social life and extracurricular activities."
"It has the best union in the country, which is fantastic. There are always things to do here and there are many great volunteering opportunities to get involved with. The campus and surrounding area is beautiful but also integrated with the city, which I love. The nightlife is great and it's very green and pretty."
"We have a great campus in the heart of the city, meaning it's easy to get to cafés, shops and nights out. We have an incredible students' union with loads of places to hang out and eat with your friends. A great range of dietary requirements and food options are available and it's a short walk from the library. We also have great nights out at our SU so you're never short of places to go. You really feel like you belong to a community, particularly when we get competitive with Hallam in Varsity season as there is such a buzz across uni during these weeks. Last but not least, there's an incredible number of societies, clubs, trips, events, volunteering and other opportunities to get involved in. I've never met a Sheffield student who complains about being bored or having nothing to do with their time outside of studying."
"There's so much to get involved with. The support system available is great be it about academic, careers, finance or personal issues."
"The help and support you get are excellent. There are dozens of activities to try out if you want to get involved. The buildings and accommodation (for first years) are very good and the surrounding area is safe and feels like home. The city centre is also quite close so there is always something to do."
"The environment is generally fun with a lot of international students and the staff were very helpful and welcoming. The university also puts a lot of effort into ensuring the student life is comfortable and it does it very successfully."
"We have a strong students' union with lots going on and plenty of active societies. There are good 24-hour library facilities with a wealth of material. Some of the optional modules I have chosen were very interesting."
"The things I find best about attending the University of Sheffield are the great and passionate lecturers and the exceptional students' union."
"The students' union is excellent. The campus is well located in the city and the newer facilities are good."


"The mentors and activities as well as good students' union events and communication between students and staff. There's a lot of easy access to support."
"The extracurricular activities, social opportunities, job prospects and networking opportunities due to the location."
"The social life and nightlife in the city as well as the students' union and societies. We also have great library facilities."
"Sheffield itself has a wide range of nights out and has the safety you would expect from a small town. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the social side of things and it's a very good university for my course."
"The students' union is highly respected, we have a great careers service and it's a lovely city."
"The people I've met and the experiences I've had doing all the well organised extracurricular activities like sports clubs and volunteering."
"It offers a variety of activities and there is a diverse university environment as well as a mixed collection of students."
"It has a good reputation with excellent and friendly staff as well as varied and interesting courses. There's an award-winning students' union and modern facilities."
"We have the best students' union. The location is not in the city and is a great environment for study as it's not too busy or too remote. There are a lot of oriental and halal shops nearby. We have high-tech libraries, especially the new one (The Diamond), and we are ranked very highly for engineering. The cost of living is not so expensive when compared to studying in a university located in London. You can go to the Peak District by taking a 30-minute bus and you can go hiking or cycling and enjoy the mesmerising view of nature."
"Friendly with a great learning experience, social life and students' union. We're located close to a large national park."

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