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Night life
8.4 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There's a fabulous nightlife at the university. We have so many options of places to go to that there's pretty much somewhere for everyone. The students' union does some of my favourite nights out with events like Roar, the Tuesday Club and Pop Tarts. There are also loads of bars to go to on West Street as well as a multitude of other clubs such as Code, Tank, Leadmill, Plug and others. For a more chilled night out bar there's the one at the union and other places will do pub quiz nights, which are good fun."
"Sheffield University runs its own student nights at its on-campus clubs every single night of the week. These are safe, fun and inclusive environments to let loose. Additionally, there are two bars on campus and a pub as well so there are lots of different environments. If the student campus doesn't take your fancy, there is the Main Street with pubs, bars and clubs interspersed with restaurants, cafés and a supermarket."
"There's Code for a typical club night, Bierkeller for tunes that everyone knows, Corp Wednesday for the school disco, Leadmill for a silent disco and the O2 academy for concerts. Rock bars are dotted around and there are plenty of Wetherspoons too."
"The electronic music scene is incredibly good. Sheffield is one of the best places where you can find various raves going on all year round. There are many events focused on experimental music and new artists. There are many pubs in Sheffield and most of them have a warm and friendly atmosphere about them."
"There is a huge range of nightlife on offer. The many clubs and bars cater to all music tastes, from house to cheesy pop to heavy metal. There are many pubs near to the uni including a university-owned pub, all of which serve great food. The students' union has two nightclubs that have different themes every night of the week, including an LGBTQ night."
"The university area is at the centre of the city, which makes it very close to the most vibrant clubs and pubs in the city. Sheffield is a student city, which makes it a safe and suitable environment for students to party as well as grab a beer when they want to. There are various places available and most of them are a 10-minute walk from student living areas."
"Sheffield has a range of everything from cheap student bars offering two-pound pints to more smart cocktail bars. It has a great music scene for both live and electronic music as well as a huge variety of pop clubs. The SU is also consistently rated as one of the best in the country and it holds at least three nights a week."
"It has a very good nightlife. Most of the bars are very close together so there are good bar crawls. Most of the clubs are close too and offer different types of music including indie, rock and EDM. The students' union has an excellent nightclub and most of the bars are very cheap as well."
"There are many pubs and cheap restaurants to go out to. The students' union offers many activities and night events for all tastes."


"There are lots of different clubs for different tastes as well as lots of pubs around the city and places to eat."
"There's a large number of clubs and bars offering all types of music and entertainment. There's one street very near to the university with loads of cheap bars that's very popular for student bar crawls."
"There are several clubs with all kinds of music and most are a short taxi ride away from student areas. Many are open until the early hours and you can find lots of cheap drinks and offers."
"There are club nights every night in big warehouses as well as quieter bars for nicer drinks and food. We have a good range here."
"There are loads of clubs and bars. A night out is pretty cheap and there are always lots of places open for food afterwards."
"Paris, Crystal, Viper Rooms and Tank among others. There are good clubs but not all that many in my opinion (I am from Birmingham though). There are often good artists performing at Plug and the O2 Academy."
"Nights out, shopping in the centre or Meadowhall and walks in the peak district."
"There are a lot of pubs, bars and clubs in Sheffield. The nightlife is cheap and it's always very popular with students and locals so you can have a great night out."
"There's a huge variety of bars, pubs and clubs to suit all tastes."
"There are loads of clubs and bars. It was voted the best nightlife in the UK for students."

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