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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
8.5 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There are several clubs and you can generally find at least one club night a week that suits your music taste. The drinks and entry are cheap and it's a safe city to be in on a night out. There's a range of bars and pubs that serve a range of cheap and more premium drinks but nothing's extortionate as it's the north."
"There are lots of traditional Yorkshire pubs around Sheffield as well as more student pubs closer to the students' union. Nightlife is one of the best in the country with lots of indie clubs and rock clubs as well as the more standard Pop Tarts and Popworld."
"We have clubs to suit every music taste with events on regularly including regular staples and interesting unique events all year round. West Street is great for bars and the SU has good drinks prices and offers. Everywhere feels safe and there are taxis nearby at all times."
"There is something for everyone from cheesy pop nights to leftfield electronic music. What's more, prices are often extremely reasonable so a big night out does not have to be too hard on your wallet. I think Sheffield's nightlife has improved drastically and I would now put it on a par with Leeds/Manchester."
"We have lots of cute little pubs like the Fox and Duck, loads of clubs in town and decent SU nights if you're into that kind of thing. Otherwise, there's always something else going on. We have a cinema in the SU and ice skating on Wednesdays. I go snowboarding every fortnight with the snowboarding society and there's tons of sports stuff on in the evenings as well as talks from interesting people."
"There are so many pubs that all run weekly quizzes with really good prizes, I would definitely recommend the Nottingham House pub! You could make a night out of the pubs in Sheffield and do a pub crawl as drinks prices are really cheap. There are also many food places to go and, if you join a society, you can get a Revs card that gives you 50% off food and 2-4-1 cocktails as well."
"West Street is the patron saint of a pub crawl or a chill night out and there's a ton of choice for music at different night clubs. For more indie-minded clubgoers, places like the Leadmill, Bierkeller or Corp (to some extent) are great. For those wanting a more 'club' experience, CODE is amazing and other places such as Paris, Tank or Hopeworks provide music like rap, house and rave depending on what you want in a night. Everything is so cheap! If you're paying more than £2.50 for a double or £1.50 for a Jaegerbomb, something is wrong."
"There are loads of cheap bars and expensive bars. Lots of student cards are available for discounts and there are loads of clubs and events on all the time."


"There are lots of different clubs for different tastes as well as lots of pubs around the city and places to eat."
"There's a large number of clubs and bars offering all types of music and entertainment. There's one street very near to the university with loads of cheap bars that's very popular for student bar crawls."
"There are several clubs with all kinds of music and most are a short taxi ride away from student areas. Many are open until the early hours and you can find lots of cheap drinks and offers."
"There are club nights every night in big warehouses as well as quieter bars for nicer drinks and food. We have a good range here."
"There are loads of clubs and bars. A night out is pretty cheap and there are always lots of places open for food afterwards."
"Paris, Crystal, Viper Rooms and Tank among others. There are good clubs but not all that many in my opinion (I am from Birmingham though). There are often good artists performing at Plug and the O2 Academy."
"Nights out, shopping in the centre or Meadowhall and walks in the peak district."
"There are a lot of pubs, bars and clubs in Sheffield. The nightlife is cheap and it's always very popular with students and locals so you can have a great night out."
"There's a huge variety of bars, pubs and clubs to suit all tastes."
"There are loads of clubs and bars. It was voted the best nightlife in the UK for students."

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