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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
8.8 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There's a gym on campus as well as three libraries with two being open 24/7. The location is in a nice, green space and there are many places to eat at affordable prices."
"The University of Sheffield is a city university so everything is spread out. The student accommodation is a 20-minute walk from the students' union and the main lecture halls. During the day there are indoor climbing walls, lots of green open areas to play football, squash courts, badminton, tennis, swimming, gym and more."
"My university is located in the heart of the vibrant city. The campus is spread across the city and there are usually a lot of student accommodations on campus. For sporty people, the University of Sheffield offers Goodwin Sports Centre, which is a perfect place if you are a professional athlete or if you want to try a new sport. Its membership is affordable for most students' budgets and the students' union offers bursaries to those who cannot afford it so everyone has an equal opportunity."
"The location of the university is fantastic with everything you could need very close by, including a great range of cafés, bars and restaurants on West and Division Street and then shops in the city centre (a ten-minute walk). The campus itself is beautiful with Weston and Crookes Valley Parks and some great architecture. Endcliffe Village is the best student village I have seen/visited and the accommodation there is faultless. If anything does go wrong, maintenance sort it extremely quickly. During the day there are ample places to eat and drink, museums and the heart of the Peak District just 30 minutes away on a bus."
"It's an amazing location for people who like the outdoors. We've got the Peaks, climbing centres, mountain biking trails, parks and forests etc. There are loads of independent shops and cinemas and it feels like a really safe city. My accommodation is in such a beautiful area and is relatively cheap. The SU is amazing and there is literally a society for everyone."
"The university is located right next to transport links that run regularly, you could literally hop onto a bus/tram and be where you want to be within the hour. Meadowhall, the llama farm and the peaks are super close and, when the sun is shining, you can have a BBQ in the many different parks around. The gym is open all week with various gym classes, the membership prices are quite high but there is social sport and intra-mural leagues that you can play in, which are cheaper or free. The student accommodation is really good. The rooms can be daunting at first but they are really cosy and warm. The kitchens are a little grim but it is proper student-y and you get used to it."
"The location of the university is halfway between student accommodation and the town centre, which is really useful for day planning. Campus is really good, the only problem is that there is sometimes no library/study space as it all fills up. Student accommodation is pretty good as the kitchens are of a good size with multiple fridges/freezers/hobs etc along with a living space area. Most students are in Ranmoor and Endcliffe (the two student villages) and they're only five minutes away from each other so you're always really close to most of your friends. During the day you can get into town easily and there's the botanical gardens, the tram to Meadowhall, the Peak District around the corner, plenty of restaurants/pubs/cafés and Division Street has a ton of indie shops. If all that isn't enough, Sheffield has great train links."


"The proximity of the student village to lecture buildings is a bit of a walk. Accommodation is very good and fairly quiet in general, there are lots of parks and the Peak District is very close. I feel safe in Sheffield as there are always other students around and the city taxis app makes it safer to get a taxi on your own as you can see the car on a map and know the registration plate beforehand. The shops are great and there is a good nightlife."
"It's a city university, not technically a campus uni, but all facilities are in the same area and it very much has a university community vibe. The library and gym etc are fantastic and the student accommodation is only a few years old and very nice. All accommodation is made of large groups of blocks of flats to give a great community feel."
"It's close enough to major cities like Manchester and London but small enough that you can walk across town rather than drive or take public transport and it still has all the big shops. Halls are a bit far out but most university buildings are close enough to each other."
"Accommodation is a little far out, about a 30-minute walk from the music department and 20 minutes to the union. The uni is close to the city centre and fab for nipping in and out of town. Also, it's all on one bus route, which is really handy."
"The city location is good. It's not too big but still lively and there's still a lot to do. The campus is spread out but not so much as to be an issue and it's good because you don't get bored going into different places. It can be annoying if you have to walk from one end to the other though. I love the main libraries (Information Commons and Diamond) as being open 24 hours is the best thing ever and the facilities available are quite varied and good. My accommodation is private although attained through the university and I have to say it is very good. It's close to the uni and the rooms are quite spacious."
"It's city centre-based with five libraries, a large and well-equipped gym and sports centre. Halls are a 15-minute walk from the uni but of a great standard."
"The campus is quite near to everything so it's not too bad when you need to go to the city centre for something. It's within walking distance of everywhere."
"The location is good and not located in a busy city so it's safe and very good for studying. All campuses are walking distance from each other and the facilities are well equipped with modern technology. Student accommodation is very good; some are near to faculties but others are near to a gym or parks. Students can choose based on their priorities. It only takes about 20 minutes to walk from the campus to the city centre."
"The location is brilliant. Most things that you need are near to the university (groceries, clothing shops etc) as the university is near the city centre. The facilities are okay, though it would be better to have more study spaces in one building. The university does try to accommodate study spaces but they are often scattered across several buildings. Student accommodation is good but some main buildings are too far away, sometimes up to a 30-minute walk."
"It's all very good but some learning spaces are outdated."

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