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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"There is a huge proportion of international students and the university provides them with English language support and some cultural stuff. There are also student-run societies for international students and university scholarships and bursaries that students can apply for (everything from help with fees to sports participation grants). University outreach runs lots of events for school-age kids to encourage them to think about applying for higher education as well."
"The university actually sends ambassadors round to local schools to encourage everyone to come, especially first generation students who the university is very keen to attract. It is very liberal and we have thousands of international students, which is great as they often create their own societies to integrate properly. There are also financial bursaries available that are advertised well."
"The university has an excellent bursary scheme that supports those from lower income backgrounds as well as scholarships for local students who may be from areas that are more deprived and have fewer young people attending university."
"The University of Sheffield has the highest rate of state school students out of all the Russell Group universities. This makes for a better range of people attending."
"The University of Sheffield offers scholarships to international, EU and UK students. If a student has children, the university can support with choosing the right accommodation, providing places at the university's nursery school and much more."
"It is an international university. There's lots of support for students from all around the world and there are ethnic societies at the university too."
"We do a lot of events for international students and everyone is really welcoming regardless of race, religion and sexuality etc. I've been personally impressed with the support available for low income students like myself."
"Being from a non-typical university background myself, I've seen that Sheffield really encourages all types of students from all over the world to engage in academia and supports them throughout. The internationality of the university is celebrated and students get to keep and represent their culture all over campus."


"I think it definitely does; there are international students from a wide range of cultures."
"There is a massively diverse population and many societies run by students supporting students of different ethnicities. There are international nights at the union and around Sheffield, and an SU officer to represent the needs and worries of international students."
"Definitely. There are students from almost every country and lots of programmes, activities and societies in place to make them feel welcome and adapt to life here."
"Yes. There are all kinds of events put on by the One World cafe to bring people from different backgrounds together."
"I'd say so. I've met people from all over the world and the country from different backgrounds. There are lots of different bursaries to help those from poorer financial backgrounds."
"There are a lot of international students but I think it's mainly white and middle-class students who tend to opt for Sheffield University. I think we could improve on diversification."
"There's a huge level of diversity and there are many societies representing different cultures, which I feel is really important in making international students feel comfortable."
"Yes, I believe they have a great diversity infrastructure that supports, and provides events for, all types of people."
"It does a lot. There are many students from China (which is reflected in high-quality Chinese and Eastern eateries) but the international crowd at the University of Sheffield is huge anyway."
"We have quite big and comfortable prayer rooms in the library and most faculties for religious people."

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