University of Sheffield


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"Maintenance can be slow and it once took two weeks to fix one of the lights in the living room."
"Some first-year accommodation is around a 35-minute walk to campus."
"It's a big city and can take a long time to learn your way around."
"Getting around involves walking up and down a lot of hills."
"There are a lot of buildings and they're spaced quite far out across the city."
"I think the way some situations are handled within the department could be improved. One example is how they allocate who goes on field trips and I think the level of help given from supervisors to dissertation students is sometimes unequal."
"There have been some problems with departmental organisation."
"It can be expensive living here and there are few cultural things to do."
"There's high competition to get better results since it's one of the top universities."
"Student welfare could be taken more seriously and I think there is not enough contact time with tutors."

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