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Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"There are lots of bar crawls that are good for socialising and having fun. We have very good societies with regular meetings that also host regular interesting events such as talks, Q&A sessions and film screenings. We have charity events like open-mic nights and some other music nights. It has the best union where you can find out about anything. It can help you with careers, looking for a job or volunteer work and looking for a house etc. It also has great places to eat and a radio station."
"There is so much to do in Sheffield as we have over 300 clubs and societies and over 50 sports clubs. Sheffield is great because there are give-it-a-go sessions where you can go and try something new with no commitment. There are also social sport sessions for people who want to get active and make friends but don't want to play competitively or represent the university. The peak district is also just a short bus ride/train journey away, which is great for walking, trail running, climbing, cycling and other outdoor activities."
"There are first and second teams for all sports clubs plus a social training session for beginners. There are lots of social clubs at Sheffield like pool/snooker, darts, real ale club, cinema and loads more."
"The social environment at the University of Sheffield is incredibly open and welcoming. There is a wide assortment of different clubs to become involved in such as baking and art all the way across the board to sports and mountaineering."
"There is a society for everyone and whether you want to play sport competitively or casually, you will be sure to find like-minded people of a similar level looking for the same thing. Intra-mural sports are also great if you do not want the commitment of joining a sports team and you can make a team from friends or course mates."
"There are so many societies and sports clubs that you can join that there is something for everybody. Departmental societies are usually a lot of fun to be in and are a good way to make friends on your course. Sports clubs are so diverse (there are even extreme sports such as snowboarding) and the varsity season is brilliant even if you don't particularly like sports. Outside of sports, there are so many other societies from loads of music-based ones to societies based around common interests such as stationery and tea appreciation."
"There are so many societies to get involved in at Sheffield from your typical sports clubs to the Harry Potter and baking society, Sheffield has an array of clubs to be part of."
"There's virtually everything you could ever want to do as a society. Just in my flat we have people doing dead languages, netball, football, playing in a blues band, boxing, ballroom dancing, officer training corps, forge radio, karate, burlesque and yoga."


"There are sports and gym facilities near the uni and it offers club activities that are mostly free. Societies may have joining fees and there is a wide range. If there is something you want but isn't available then you may be able to set something up yourself."
"There are hundreds of societies for all interests and sports teams for almost all sports. If there is interest in a new society or sports team, the students' union is very useful for helping students to start one up. There are big sports and activities fairs twice a year to advertise them to students. We also have a massive varsity competition every year between the sports teams of Sheffield Uni and Hallam Uni (we have won three years in a row currently), which is great fun for all students whether they're getting involved or just watching."
"There are many options for things to do and, if it's not already set up, there's a lot of support to set something up yourself. If you're willing to get involved you won't be bored. There's lots of help available if you need it or a bit of advice about something."
"There are lots of cultural societies, which I like. We also have a huge range of societies that are good for bringing different people together, as lots of people are often just trying things for the first time."
"There are a lot of competitive sports clubs at Sheffield University. The varsity against Sheffield Hallam every year is always particularly enthralling for sports lovers. There are also a wide variety of societies to join including dance, cheerleading, volunteering and student radio."
"The SU has been rated number one in the country for eight years in a row. There are clubs and societies for everyone so it's a great place to meet new people."
"There are lots of societies to join offering a wide variety of activities and extremely friendly people from all around. There's a great social life and I would highly recommend my university."
"There are so many sports clubs and many of them play to a high standard. However, they are still great at involving new people."
"You have so much choice here and the locals are all very friendly. There is a reason that people stay in Sheffield after their course has ended!"
"The social environment is pretty good and people are nice towards each other. There are swimming pool sessions that are only for women every Wednesday. We have social sport activities every week and a variety of sports are offered such as netball, football, futsal and boxing. Some are free for students who live in student accommodation. There is no discrimination regarding any religions or beliefs and we even have gender neutral toilets to support LGBT students."

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