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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"The university offers different placements and Erasmus periods abroad. There are loads of opportunities out there for students who want them. The careers service covers everything from CVs to career tests and support with applications. The work experience is varied and there is a University of Sheffield careers website, which is useful to find the perfect placement/work experience."
"There are a lot of placements and work experiences available to give us a taste of work in different kinds of jobs."
"The careers service has provided me with invaluable support in relation to applications and interview prep. The university has paid placements available in different faculties that allow students to gain work experience and earn money."
"There are careers services for every department. While some courses make it obligatory to participate in a career-orientated module for at least one semester, others just provide lectures, which are not compulsory. We also get emails for every event associated with employers on campus or general student-professional-development events nearby. There are a lot of engineering placements but, as an astrophysics student, it is very hard to find internships or any work experience in the area."
"I’m a recipient of the alumni fund scholarship, which has greatly helped me to be able to focus on my studies."
"The careers service is good for booking appointments and talking you through your options and what web resources are available to you. There are many employers that visit campus but these seem to be large and expensive firms wanting the best students of the lot. There are no small or local firms that attend."
"The careers service offers one-to-one appointments and regular email updates. The university attracts all the big-name firms and there are fairs to gain access to them. Departments hold numerous alumni events and most are very helpful."
"The support is there but you have to be active and go seek it. There doesn't seem to be much going for part-time work, but there are uni open days and the university does have services to help you find work after graduating."


"There are various good fairs and the careers service offers good support."
"The careers service is very helpful and sends out regular updates on jobs or companies coming into the university. There are job fairs for each faculty where 50+ companies come into the university to talk about graduate jobs and placements. The engineering department has alumni events and talks including question and answer sessions with recruiters. There is a lot of help on writing CVs and covering letters or online application forms. Many departments have links to industry and can help to arrange placements."
"There have been quite a few faculty-specific events that you can attend, which is really helpful, and I've been to the science jobs events. While some of them are more aimed at final year students, anyone is always welcome, which is good."
"There's a great careers service offering CV checks and practice interviews etc. Sheffield is a highly sought after university to hire graduates in engineering, which definitely reflects the calibre of employers on campus at engineering-specific careers days."
"The careers service was very good in helping me to improve my CV and they showed me some resources to help me decide what roles I would be the best fit for when applying for jobs. They were always present at fairs so I was always aware of the services."
"The careers service has events every week and appointments lasting from 20 minutes to an hour are bookable every day."
"The careers service has been extremely helpful in reviewing my CV, covering letters and job applications. The careers service have done all they can and provided an excellent and reliable service."
"We have many networking events that allow us to meet people and make contact with professionals."
"We have a CV workshop to help students before a job application. Plenty of part-time jobs are offered to help students gain experience. The effectiveness of the alumni network, fairs and on-campus recruitment is undeniable. I've worked with the careers service on one of the on-campus careers fairs and a lot of job opportunities were offered by a range of different companies. They ensure all students get chances to meet the employers by having good publicity around the campus. For the engineering faculty, some classes even got cancelled to give students time to attend careers events when those big companies come to the university."
"The careers service is great and the employers' fair showcases a vast range of employers. The events usually span three or four days."

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