University of Salford


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"Facilities are very good and constantly improving. Our university will be pretty high-tech once all the work is finished."
"The university lecturers are very approachable and easy to bond with."
"Most of my tutors are really inspiring and this makes seminars and lectures enjoyable to attend."
"It's a decent location and living costs are lower than some other places nearby."
"Teachers are enthusiastic, work is interesting and the uni has a good reputation for nursing."
"There is always something going on and, if you ever need anything, support is only an email away."
"The campus is easy to navigate around and there's good food here. There's cheap and nearby accommodation available and some dedicated lecturers."
"Multicultural environment, great employment opportunities and constant social experiences."
"We're very close to Manchester so there are always events on. Free buses to the local shopping centre and free membership to a gym with the new accommodation."
"One-to-one support is great as tutors are really motivating and enthusiastic. My course is really interesting too."

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