University of Salford

Night life

How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
7.0 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"Gig venues, pubs, bars, restaurants, laser quest, cinemas and more."
"There's lots of nightlife and loads of events happening. Manchester is a big city."
"Everything basically. Cinema, bowling, shopping, eating out, drinking way too much and almost anything you might want to do."
"Lots of bars and clubs of varieties to accommodate all sorts of people. Drinks can be cheap on student nights."
"Vintage shopping, pubs, clubs and there's always a gig on in a venue somewhere."
"Manchester is an expensive night out but good if it's a sports night because the clubs do good deals."
"Manchester has a wide variety of things to do including shopping, cinema, bowling, going to restaurants, nights out and visiting museums etc."
"Manchester is 10 minutes away by commuter train. There are lots of clubs, cinemas, restaurants and shops when you get there."
"There are many bars and clubs that are cheap, but most charge to get in."
"Go to Manchester instead, there's not much in Salford."

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