University of Salford

Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.


"The campus is great! It's pretty concise when compared to other unis where you have buildings scattered all over the city. Facilities are good but some of the student accommodation could do with some renovation."
"The campus is very nice and modern with good facilities. Student accommodation has recently been updated so there's a variety of choices for different budgets."
"The university is a 15-minute bus ride from Manchester city centre. The campus library and lecture halls are all within a five-minute walk and my student accommodation is only across the road."
"It's super close to Manchester, literally a bus ride away, which is great if you want to go out. The MediaCityUK campus is my favourite as it's so bright and airy. Not all of the accommodation is located in ideal places but they are really nice."
"I like the Peel Park accommodation but it is far too overpriced. Even though the uni has multiple campuses, they're all very near to each other."
"It's located very close to Manchester. Campuses are relatively small but some new buildings are being built at the moment. The new student accommodation can be pricey."
"Salford has its own rail station and good bus connections. We're close to Manchester city centre but there's terrible traffic on the roads sometimes."
"We're city-based. Student accommodation is close by and cheap. The campus is ugly and uncoordinated but easy to navigate around. The university facilities are sparse but there are many facilities in Manchester and the Salford shopping district."
"The university is located just outside of Manchester city centre and has extremely good transport links to the city. The campus is spread over different areas but they're all easily accessible. The facilities are good and student accommodation has been newly renovated on the campus and is a short walk from the main lecture buildings. There is also other accommodation situated around a 15-minute walk from the university."
"The location is good as it's close to the city centre. Some buildings are modern while others need refurbishing. Student accommodation can vary but a lot of it is far too expensive in my opinion."

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