University of Salford


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"Lecturers are often not available when they say they will be."
"Some of the content of certain courses seems to be outdated and could do with being revised."
"Some of the accommodation is not very good value for money considering how expensive it is."
"I've had unorganised timetables during some of my modules."
"The accommodation is great but not always located in ideal places. The closer they are to campus, the more expensive they are."
"There's not a wide range of social societies and events organised by the uni."
"Administration has been problematic. Lectures get cancelled, rooms are double-booked and results are very rarely released on time."
"There is constant construction work on campus; the best accommodation was closed last year and replaced with extremely expensive new accommodation. There are very few on-campus activities as well as run-down lecture rooms and not many social areas. The library is loud with constant chatter or construction work and there's not enough software on computers."
"Communication between tutors and students has been bad at times."
"Campus always has building work going on and the student bar is closed out of term."

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