University of Reading


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The people, the support you get from lecturers, admin staff are welcoming and friendly. If you need help it's there, even through other students who may not do your degree."
"The wonderful campus, I enjoy living in such a green environment. The accommodation and my chosen course are perfect."
"Beautiful green campus, wide variety of support networks, some enthusiastic staff and good research opportunities."
"The course is really varied so you can choose what you study. Also, the labs and equipment that are available for use are amazing."
"Great campus, very green. Good public transport. Close to London. The moral support from my uni has been absolutely great and I've loved my course. The societies and social life are great too."
"The campus is nice, the lectures are of a high quality and there are opportunities to do many practical lab sessions."
"The range of module options and the tight-knit community feel. I also like that it's a campus uni."
"The campus life at Reading is truly special. There's such a vast selection of both international and home students that you meet many interesting people. The University of Reading doesn't throw its league table rankings around to make the university look good. For me, my history course is exactly what I wanted, I couldn't have asked for anything better. The university also places a major emphasis on the mental well-being of students. If someone is not feeling like they're in a good place right now, the uni does a lot to help students in this situation! I usually hear constant praise about the mental well-being officers and counsellors. Also, the library and its services are fantastic. From 6.00 pm onwards, there is a 'safety bus' every hour designed to drop students off home so they do not have to walk home alone in the dark."
"The law degree is one of the best in the UK, which is a motivator that I like. I also like uni life, where everyone has the same type of lifestyle. It makes me feel better knowing that I'm not alone in any troubles that I might face."
"Beautiful campus, enthusiastic and supportive staff. Great teaching."

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