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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
7.5 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There's a wide range of clubs and it's easy to access them. The SU is great and offers some brilliant nights out and the on-campus bars are fantastic and very affordable."
"Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are nights for going out in Reading City centre. Some students prefer this over an evening at Wetherspoons. Wednesdays and Saturdays are the usual days for 'union nights out' and are often seen as cheap nights out as you don't have to spend too much to have a good time. NUS cards can be used at the union for discount entries. By contrast, nights out in town require taxis and money for club entries."
"The Vic is a fun place to go, as is the students' union. The safety aspect is a big plus."
"Many societies offer bar crawls, which shows how many bars and pubs there are in a small area! There are many clubs in Reading town centre and bars that are dotted all around the main roads or hidden away. The riverside of the Oracle shopping centre has a variety of bars and restaurants to choose from along with a cinema. As for activities in the town centre, there aren't many but the train links to Oxford and London mean that you aren't too far away from things to do. The buses are also great links to other areas around Reading for activities such as trampolining."
"Students generally take a cab to town where the nightlife is at. It's usually about £2 per person if travelling in a group and £5 entry to clubs. There's a wide variety of cheap pubs and classy bars, all of which are quite accessible. The clubs students go to usually revolve around two or three places."
"There are lots of bars, pubs and cocktail bars in the town centre as well as several night clubs that are all within walking distance of each other. The campus has several bars as well as a cocktail bar. There's a cinema in town if you want a movie night and the SU holds a quiz and karaoke night every Thursday."
"There is something to please everyone, from cheesy music to rap. We have an amazing range of pubs that have very good cider and lager. There is a yearly beer festival in Reading, which is pretty good. The other activities include an escape room and a trampoline centre."


"Every night is catered for by a different club in town. There are loads of bars and pubs to choose from if that's not your thing."
"Very good mix of events. Sometimes I prefer clubbing, other times I would like to sit and watch some bands at the Purple Turtle, the Oakford Social Club or at Sub89, which suits me very well!"
"There's a large high street and the Oracle shopping centre for all your shopping needs! There's also a canal and gardens to walk in as well as a lovely town centre."
"Shopping at the Oracle is great. There are lots of shops and the riverside is ideal for evening meals, with a large variety of restaurants."
"Night clubs, cinema, shopping, lots of restaurants."
"Lots of good bars and some decent clubs, though some are a lot more expensive than others. Some offer deals to university students such as cheaper entry."
"Very samey clubs. Good for a while but the bars are more appealing now that we've gotten used to the town."
"There are several different night clubs with student-price drinks as well as many great bars and cocktail places. There is also a great variety of places to eat."
"Loads of clubs that locals and students go to. There are also alternative nights, which people go to depending on what music they like."
"Four major clubs that put on a student night per week. Not much in the way of cheap pubs or other places to go."

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