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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
7.8 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"I live very near to the university and it's situated near town. The campus is very green and very refreshing. The sports facilities are great and are in good condition. There aren't enough cafés and restaurants for everyone at lunchtime. There aren't enough seating areas either. There's a park, a supermarket, some cafés, a McDonald's, an M&S and a sports centre in the area I live in."
"I love the University of Reading campus, it is very pretty. The location is perfect as it's only a 25-minute walk to town and has perfect connections to London. I am a regular user of the university gym and library and find everything I need there. The university provides a number of sporting activities and events and has many different societies so there is something for everyone."
"We're in a very good location with incredibly good/affordable public transport. There's easy access to London so it's good for placements. The accommodation is not very affordable. This is possibly to do with the location but they need to make it much more affordable."
"The location of the University of Reading was great, especially the easy transport links into the town centre or train station right from campus. The student accommodation is expensive depending on the halls, but worth the experience of living on campus. The facilities on campus such as the students' union, gym and library are great."
"The University of Reading is only a short walk from the town that serves every purpose you could hope for. There is a big shopping centre, loads of places to eat, various bars and clubs and a well-connected train station. The campus is beautiful with Whiteknights Lake in the heart of the campus. The students' union is modern and works hard to make meaningful change to our university and its practices. The library is currently under refurbishment and many of the buildings have recently been modified, or are going to be in the near future. It is a shame there is a lack of cultural activity in Reading eg a decent museum/botanical gardens etc, but London is only a 25-minute train ride away."
"I believe the location of the university is ideal as it is not so far from the town centre but not too close. The campus is spacious and has a lot of green land areas, which I like. The lecture buildings are not too far apart and the facilities are really good."
"The location is great: it's close to London and well connected to loads of other places. The town centre is buzzing with things to do and it has a good selection of clubs and a great range of shops/bars/restaurants. Our campus is really good and has a great mix of green spaces, bars and eateries. We even have a lake! There's a good number of different types of student halls to suit everyone. There's always an event of some kind as well, which caters to all types of people."
"The university is a 20-minute walk away from town but has necessary amenities around the area including convenience stores, restaurants, takeaways and pharmacies. Buses to town come by very frequently (every seven minutes). Facilities are not the newest, nor the best, and lectures do not have video/sound recordings for students to refer to, but are reasonable for a university. Student accommodation is expensive and overpriced but most have decent facilities with good management in place. There are lots of sports facilities on the university campus, but it doesn't seem to have a proper seating area for audiences in the indoor courts. The town provides decent entertainment facilities including a great cinema and a mall."


"The university is based in a good location with lots of outdoor places to relax in. However, there are very few swimming pools available and there is not a university-run one either."
"The facilities are of a satisfactory quality. The library is somewhat too small but they are planning to renovate it and, hopefully, there will be some improvements. Student accommodation is fine but it is very hard to get in subsequent years."
"Reading is a really nice city to live in and the university is within easy access of the city centre. The campus is beautiful and very well maintained. There are some really good facilities on campus. The student's union is a really fun night out and the library is really good for study, although it can get very busy and difficult to find a seat. Accommodation is really varied at Reading. There are some fantastic en-suite rooms as well as many old-school rooms where it's several to a bathroom."
"Reading has a very convenient position: 30 minutes from London and in the Thames Valley. It sure offers more job opportunities than other areas in the UK. The campus is fine, being 15 minutes outside the centre. Student accommodations are very nice but expensive!"
"There are really nice parklands and green areas on campus. Reading has a great train station that connects to loads of other places."
"Having lived in three different accommodations, I can say that most of the halls are pleasant, although some are better than others. The city is great and can cater to all kinds of needs. It's 28 minutes from London and has trains running every ten minutes towards it. The campus is surrounded by nature and the people are nice."
"It's about a 20 minute walk to the town and there are regular buses. The campus is really nice to just walk around."
"The campus is nice but the area can be a little dodgy."
"The university offers lots of clubs and societies. From sports to baking and craft, there's so much to choose from. There are also social spaces and cafes on campus."
"Easy access to London, great public transport system in town itself, really nice campus with plenty of open spaces. Accommodation is good but can be very expensive and the catering needs to be improved."

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