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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
8.4 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"It's easy to go to London as we're situated in Reading and are only 35 minutes away on the train. The campus is green, open and very clean with all the facilities on campus being well maintained and efficient. There's a range of accommodation, mostly on campus and near to everything. Reading town is a 15-minute walk from campus with a range of activities such as food and shopping. On top of this, campus has loads of sports facilities, bars, walks, a lake, and uni-organised events."
"We're 30 minutes from London and have 24/7 buses from campus to town. There's loads to do in town (cinema, clubs, food etc) and lots of part-time jobs are available too. The student accommodation is great and affordable and it's super safe all around campus (including private renting). There's lots of green space, food and drink, sports and a local stadium to watch Reading play football/rugby."
"The gym is very good and our halls are modern and well kept. Town is not far way and has good shopping, cinemas and restaurants."
"The location of the university is good as it's close to the town but not so close as to be among it. The campus is beautiful and there is so much space, it really is one of the best aspects about the university. Halls were pretty good and my housing after halls was also quite good and very cheap. There are lots of gyms and places to shop but, as far as I know, not many university events or programmes that would attract a large number of people every week."
"The location is really handy. I can easily walk to town in 30 or 45 minutes and there is a 24-hour bus service that runs from campus to town. The accommodation was good value for money considering I was down south and there are plenty of areas to study and plenty of computers to use across campus."
"It's a really good location and very close to the town centre. However, because the campus wins the green space award every year, you still get to enjoy nice walks through nature even if you're just on the way to lectures. The facilities aren't too bad but the library being redone (which has taken two years longer than initially stated so far) has meant a massive reduction in study spaces, which made third year difficult. The other facilities are good and there are a number of places to eat and have a drink."


"The university is based in a good location with lots of outdoor places to relax in. However, there are very few swimming pools available and there is not a university-run one either."
"The facilities are of a satisfactory quality. The library is somewhat too small but they are planning to renovate it and, hopefully, there will be some improvements. Student accommodation is fine but it is very hard to get in subsequent years."
"Reading is a really nice city to live in and the university is within easy access of the city centre. The campus is beautiful and very well maintained. There are some really good facilities on campus. The student's union is a really fun night out and the library is really good for study, although it can get very busy and difficult to find a seat. Accommodation is really varied at Reading. There are some fantastic en-suite rooms as well as many old-school rooms where it's several to a bathroom."
"Reading has a very convenient position: 30 minutes from London and in the Thames Valley. It sure offers more job opportunities than other areas in the UK. The campus is fine, being 15 minutes outside the centre. Student accommodations are very nice but expensive!"
"There are really nice parklands and green areas on campus. Reading has a great train station that connects to loads of other places."
"Having lived in three different accommodations, I can say that most of the halls are pleasant, although some are better than others. The city is great and can cater to all kinds of needs. It's 28 minutes from London and has trains running every ten minutes towards it. The campus is surrounded by nature and the people are nice."
"It's about a 20 minute walk to the town and there are regular buses. The campus is really nice to just walk around."
"The campus is nice but the area can be a little dodgy."
"The university offers lots of clubs and societies. From sports to baking and craft, there's so much to choose from. There are also social spaces and cafes on campus."
"Easy access to London, great public transport system in town itself, really nice campus with plenty of open spaces. Accommodation is good but can be very expensive and the catering needs to be improved."

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