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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"Yes, there is a huge international community. There is also a huge range of people from diverse backgrounds."
"I think there is good support at the uni and it is always available on campus. It's easy to contact through email and telephone or you can easily drop in and make an appointment. We are teamed up with the Malaysia university, so there is a nice amount of diversity from all countries and cultures."
"The union receives a lot of feedback from current students in order to improve student life on campus. Union committee members are elected democratically by a voting system with fresh faces year after year. Some students may come from a non-drinking background so there is a society on campus to facilitate that circumstance. Students may love weekly quiz nights and the union provides a quiz night every Thursday too. There are also religious societies such as the Christian, Muslim, Sikh and Hindu societies."
"There are many students from different backgrounds. However, I feel like the university should create more interactive events that involve students from different courses interacting together."
"The university holds elections every year with positions for a diversity officer and a welfare officer, who represent those from a range of backgrounds."
"I know outreach programmes in the local community organise visits to the university to give those who may not typically go to university the chance to look around one. There is the student outreach programme where first years are offered the chance to go back to their secondary schools to talk about their experience at university so far. This helps reach out to those who may not have been considering university so they can see it through the eyes of a current student. On top of this there are all the usual open days, tour days and departmental days run throughout the year to attract as many people as possible to the university."
"I believe they do because they organise various events such as one world week where different country's foods and cultures are celebrated at the university."
"I think Reading enjoys a wonderful range of students in all kinds of ways. There's a feeling of inclusiveness in the union and throughout the faculties. There seems to be a lot of support for whoever needs it, whenever they need it. I think it's a really good place to be."


"There are societies of all sorts catering to the different backgrounds including socials for international students. Very good at getting everyone together with the help of diversity officers whose jobs are to help the integration."
"The university has a range of societies for a diverse range of backgrounds, allowing a sense of community to form. Also, there are welfare and diversity officers who can cater for the needs of any student."
"I believe the university does do enough. It has specific societies and support networks for different types of students eg mature, international, disabled etc."
"Definitely – there's lots of support in place for international students. There is even an oriental supermarket on campus."
"We have lots of international students (Asians especially). There is a special Asian foods shop on campus and options regarding accommodation. We are working on lowering international tuition fees."
"Lots of internationally-aimed societies and events etc. We have welcome days and events at the beginning of the year for international students."
"Reading has a scholars programme that encourages people from different backgrounds to come and see if uni is for them."
"It does attract a very diverse range of people, although that might be as a result of its proximity to London."
"Yes, there are numerous societies for different backgrounds. Events are held with guest speakers as well as themed nights at the union and a representative within the elected body."
"The university definitely attracts people from various countries and there is a huge and diverse range of people in Reading. I definitely think the uni does more than enough to make them feel welcome and make them feel like their voice is heard."

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