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What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"There aren't enough restaurants and cafes and more library space is needed for students."
"Administration has been a bit all over the place recently, which has made things slightly complicated."
"There are some poor lecturers and structures as well as expensive accommodation and not enough guidance on student housing."
"The university halls rent prices are too high and need to be capped. Food and drinks on campus are pricey."
"Some of the facilities, like some lecture theatres, are quite old."
"There's no proper library and a lack of study space. The admin department and the vice-chancellor don't listen to students as much as they should."
"The accommodation is very expensive. I had to go 'private' as that was the only offer I was made. The tenancy lasts for 51 weeks including summer, which of course was not needed."
"The university decided to start renovating the library, closing it from students two weeks before the exam season last academic year, and it will be unavailable for students for the entire year of 2018. Even though there is a temporary replacement building, it is always overpacked and does not provide the facilities of a decent library that students have paid for. This decision has been widely criticised by unhappy students but the university tends to ignore it. Attempts for the students' union to lobby against the decision remain weak."


"The library can be really busy at times."
"The car parking on campus and across halls is not the best for the prices paid."
"Other cities and towns have better night life."
"There aren't many extra curricular activities put on by the university. They don't have a lot of extra funding for people to use."
"The cost. Not just tuition but also prices of everyday items around campus."
"A lack of connections with prestigious law firms."
"The system the university has in place for its catered students is expensive and inefficient."
"Price of on-campus accommodation."
"The library is too small and gets very busy. Expensive accommodation."
"Limited number of student night venues and overpriced major events."

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