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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"There are a variety of societies and clubs for all sorts of interests. Sports societies can range from typical sports such as football and rugby to more niche ones like lacrosse. There are also multiple other interest-based societies as well as societies linked to subjects."
"The uni wouldn't be the same without its clubs and societies. GeogSoc is incredible with lovely people, fun socials and a messy tour abroad and the Korfball team is where I've made some of my best friends."
"It's very easy to connect with people at Reading. There are loads of sports clubs and our varsity is always against Oxford Brookes, which is great fun!"
"There are over 150 sports and societies and it is a very 'no pressure' environment. If you don't drink alcohol (I didn't for most of the first year) then no one minds or pushes you to try it. There's a super supportive and close 'community' of people (including lecturers)."
"Sports are not a dominating reason for why people come to Reading, but they are good to get involved in. Most of the bigger teams have an active society and social life such as football, rugby, netball, lacrosse and so on. There are so many smaller societies to get involved in too. Certain course societies dominate as well, particularly those in the Henley Business School and agriculture."
"The Sportspark has great facilities and the uni bars are really good."


"The students' union is really active in organising activities that help students to mingle. The university also takes care of international students' needs by organising various talks, activities, dinners etc to help us to settle down and blend in with the locals. There's a variety of choices for sports clubs and societies. Some of them are really interesting, such as pole fitness, kickboxing etc. Even though the town is a bit boring, joining these activities will make your university life a good experience. However, the food on campus is unsatisfactory."
"The University of Reading's Whiteknights campus is one of the most beautiful campuses in the UK. It has a lake and beautiful wildlife at the heart of the campus! The location of Reading itself is great, it's only 25 minutes away from London by train and has easily accessible train links to other cities such as Oxford, Slough and Southampton. The facilities, such as the library, are brilliant and student accommodation is good but varies a lot from hall to hall – no two halls are alike."
"The sports here are fantastic, ranging from football and rugby to Quidditch! There is an option for everyone with other societies too, such as film societies and more."
"Loads of different sports and other societies that are all inclusive. You can make a new society if the one you want to join isn't there. I was in the feminist society, the veg society, model United Nations and swimsoc."
"Sports are worth getting into. A Wednesday union night is lively with sports and there are lots of societies to join."
"Over 100 sports clubs and societies, which is where I found many great friends. Great way of meeting people."
"There is a sports park and gym. LOTS of effort is put in by the union to make students feel welcome and to support their learning and overall experience."
"The social environment is generally pretty good and pretty friendly. You can meet people from all walks of life and start up a casual conversation – since the university atmosphere is so friendly it won't feel strange. Societies are pretty good and active, hosting different events from time to time, and there's a huge range too!"
"Loads of sports and societies. You can play Quidditch and tennis or go to the gym. You also have the option of rock societies and video games. Stuff for everyone."
"Societies are very much geared towards sports and the subjects have decent society nights. However, there's not much else if that's not for you."

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