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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"There are plenty of companies coming in to talk and guest lecturers from industry. The alumni on campus have their links and connections to members that work in the outside world and will often help to introduce or refer students for placements, work experience and job opportunities."
"The careers service is excellent and I've spoken to them regularly, it's the best part of the university. The only notable recruiters that I can recall were the army and the University of Law, all others seemed forgettable. Placements and work experience are probably better than most in the country because Reading is so close to London. That said UoR students have no other advantage when competing for national placements and work experience."
"The careers service sends out weekly emails (if not more frequently) signposting different jobs and placements etc. There is also a whole building dedicated to a careers service that you can enter during open hours to receive help with CV writing and applications whenever you like."
"The university runs its own internship scheme specially designed for second-year students, working alongside staff on a research project. Jobs and internships are advertised and updated regularly and sent via email to students to keep them updated."
"There is a good job centre for students and many employability seminars and fairs."
"There are lots of opportunities for students to interact with the careers service and the uni has a lot of good connections."


"On my course, I have received bespoke career advice with constant support and excellent CV help! My course is very good at job opportunities."
"The careers service runs CV workshops, mock interviews, career-related events and talks to help you in the world of work."
"The careers service is second to none. They help in every way they can and you can use them for a year after you graduate. I completed the RED award with them and have had interview prep sessions and CV workshops. They gave good advice on getting a job post graduation. Every year there are several career fairs, which are excellent, with a variety of employers. There is a special one just for law students."
"Placement advice and help have been fabulous. Lots of contact and support. Not so much graduate job help but I did not actively seek that so it might have been different if I had."
"Lots of encouragement and support for jobs and placements. I'm always informed about any relevant fairs and company sessions."
"I get regular emails from the careers centre and there is special career help tailored to each school, including a placement adviser. I also get talks from guest speakers as well as individual feedback on job aspirations and lots of general talks."
"We have had lots and lots of careers events ranging from employing firms coming in and talking to us, to CV workshops, to an actual module entitled 'career development'."
"I have had career management sessions included within some of my lectures, which was very helpful and connected us with the careers team if we needed any extra advice."
"The university has a job shop available with trained professionals to read and help you improve your CV, help you craft a cover letter and practise interview techniques. Personally, this was a big help to me in finding a job. As for graduate jobs, there is a lot that is done to help students find routes into various sectors. Many large companies come in and hold workshops!"
"Help with CVs and job applications. There is a job office in the department and it's very helpful. Jobs are posted online and to Facebook."

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