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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"We're in a great location and all lecture and seminar rooms are easy to get to. Lecturers really want you to do well and encourage that. Portsmouth University offers a placement year, which I have undertaken. The placement office was great in supporting applications and I feel really set up for life after university having completed a placement year."
"I've really enjoyed the facilities the uni has to offer and I feel that the staff know what they're doing and are passionate about what they teach. It's also near the sea, which is fab."
"We have lots of facilities to help with work and lots of support is available if needed. Lecturers are very passionate about what they teach."
"It's nice to be on the coast and we get lots of visiting expert lecturers and field trips."
"It is a city campus yet has lots of green spaces and is next to the seaside. It is also easy to commute to other locations and the pastoral care is excellent. The uni offers a lot of support plus an app to help track your moods and emotions."
"I've had overwhelming support from my lecturers as well as excellent technology and support for accessibility."
"The 24/7 library is great and the catered halls are of good quality. We have free printing services via Printtapp, an involved students' union and a useful enterprise and employability week."
"There are good teachers who are interested and enthusiastic about their subject."
"Most lectures are engaging and interesting. The university takes an active interest in improving student experiences and there are many resources available to us."
"The location of the accommodation and the seminars. It is relatively close to all of my course classes, as well as clubs! I am able to shop at local stores all around Portsmouth. The environment is also friendly."


"The support systems that the university has, I've seen friends going through some hard times and the university is the first in line with someone to help."
"City campus but everything is still centrally located. I love the fact that I can walk anywhere and it won't take me longer than half an hour."
"Staff are exceptionally good. They provide the opportunities and let us know what steps we can take to further our career. The facilities for media students are amazing as well."
"City based university, which means everything is in walking distance."
"The high standard of the facilities, expert teaching staff and excellent placements."
"The support offered by staff who supply amazing opportunities if you work hard, and the fact that I can walk everywhere."
"Travel to and from London is quite easy. Local businesses are very willing to hire students. Lecturers are passionate about their field."
"They are very caring with students. Feedback works and the lecturers are dedicated. Being Portsmouth, the air is very clean and the sea is a brilliant place to go to when the weather is good."
"Not only is the city a great student town with great nightlife and quirky area such as Albert Road, the university has so much more to offer. From an extensive sport programme (whether it be joining an AU society or the Get Active Stay Active programme for those not fully sporty but wanting to further this) to the academic support offered by tutors, lecturers and the advice and help centres. There is also the sense from all lecturers of wanting us students to do well and doing everything they can to help us achieve the career we wish."
"Some lecturers are absolutely brilliant and are happy to offer help and support. The business school offered some sessions on preparing for interviews and assessment centres, which were useful and worthwhile. The school also offers study support and student support which is very beneficial."

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