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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
7.8 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There are a range of different pubs and clubs. Alternative nights are a thing that exist but they can be very samey and going to them week after week can get boring. Many of the pubs are nice though and there are cocktail bars and a range of places to go."
"There is the Guildhall Walk that has pubs, clubs and bars all on one street. These are very well monitored by a good security team. They are also close to most of the halls of accommodation. There is also Albert Road in Southsea for concerts, comedy nights and other pubs and clubs."
"There are so many nightlife opportunities with an event happening nearly every day of the week. The clubs and pubs are all very close together so you can’t get lost and the fact that the road is closed during nights out does act as a good safety aspect, which makes you more comfortable when walking between venues."
"The clubs here are good, though we could do with some more. They close quite early compared to other cities."
"There are lots of cheap pubs and night clubs that suit many different tastes. There's also the students' union that's always good for a night."
"It’s lively. There is something different every day including Purple Wednesdays, Dirty Disco and much more. We’ve got the Astoria, Pop World, The Fleet and others."
"The clubs get rammed as there are so many students in Portsmouth so it starts to become unenjoyable. However, Albert Road and Gunwharf for pubs and bars are fun with new places to go to that cater for different tastes in music and environments."
"The area has lots of pubs and clubs both in the centre of town and also in Southsea where most of the student housing is located."
"There are pubs where people can watch live sports and eat good food. There are different night clubs as well always offering a discount for students on drinks, which is great. There is even a gay club for those who fancy it. There are casinos and loads of bars overlooking the seaside as well that provide a refreshing, relaxing and breath-taking view."
"There are numerous pubs to fit each individual including pubs that play rock, metal and punk music. There are pubs that play pop music and pubs that play chilled out classical music if you aim to have a relaxed evening with your friends."


"Lots of shopping, very beautiful seaside with large commons, fun activities like mini golf and arcades."
"There's a few clubs, lots of bars. Albert Road is quite lively. You can walk on the coast/beach. You have the Gunwharf designer outlet centre. Fratton Park which is home to Portsmouth football club. There is a pier with an arcade/fun fair with rides."
"In Portsmouth, life is good if you like clubbing. Otherwise, there is not a great deal, especially if you are on a student budget."
"We live by the dockyard so you can see all the historic ships, take a walk along the sea front, go to the museum."
"Visit the beach and arcades as well as visiting cute cafes. Shopping in the high street or for more designer stuff at Gunwharf which overlooks the marina, with a short ferry ride to the Isle of Wight."
"There's a few clubs, Astoria and Tiger are probably the best, they both do student nights. There are more options for clubs depending on what music you like, there's PopWorld (for those of you who enjoy the pop variety) and Drift, plus Liquid & Envy. The pubs/bars down Albert Road are definitely better, there's a great student cocktail bar called Atrium which I fully recommend. Occasionally there's a gig/concert at Guildhall which are the best nights out as this is such a great venue."
"Some nights are ok, but the locals can be aggressive and as a girl I've found it impossible to go to a club without someone getting a bit 'handsy'."
"Many things. You can visit Gunwharf or the shops on the Commercial Road. You could go to the Portsmouth Aquarium, pay a visit to the historic dockyards or just simply hang around the great pubs with friends. If you want a meal, there are both cheap and nice places, and if you prefer to go out at night, there are plenty of clubs such as Astoria or Liquid & Envy that can be great fun."
"There are many gigs and famous artists and bands that come to perform. There's plenty of pubs to have casual drinks with your friends. There's also an assortment of clubs on campus."
"There are about seven clubs and bars in Guildhall Walk, which are usually filled with students. I've never had a bad night out there. There is Tiger Tiger in Gunwharf Quays, which is also a good night out. Gunwharf itself is full of discount shops, restaurants that accept student discount, cinema, and bowling. Old Portsmouth is also a very nice place to take the family when they come to visit."

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