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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
8.5 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"It's a great city to be in as it's very clean and safe. The university is right next to one of the two train stations for easy access and university busses run every 20 minutes along the main route to the uni from student houses. There is a lot to do during the day with loads of parks, beaches, skateparks and pools etc."
"The University of Portsmouth is set around the city. There are lots of places to eat, drink and relax, though it can be very busy. Some halls are quite far away but none more then a half-hour walk. There is the beach during the day as well as a variety of cafés and lots of activities at the students' union."
"It is a city campus yet has lots of green spaces and is next to the seaside. It is also easy to commute to other locations. While it is a city campus, everything is within 10 minutes of everything else, which is incredibly helpful. The pastoral care is excellent and we're offered a lot of support plus an app to help track your moods and emotions. There are also lots of attractions from the pier to local history museums."
"It really needs more sports facilities. All of the societies use other sports facilities to train, which means it can cost a lot to join a society."
"The location is very good with lots to see and do and great food that's reasonably priced. There's a war museum, naval museum and historical dockyard a stone's throw away. The facilities are excellent and, if timed correctly, very accessible. Student accommodation is good if you find a hidden gem."
"Portsmouth is an island city centre, which has everything at the heart of it. You’ve got the university gym close to the students' union and library. There are also cafés within the university buildings and a wide range of accommodation/housing options right around the city. You can enjoy a day out at a wide range of shopping centres, the Southsea area and much more."
"The accommodation is very good with many new halls of residence. Everything is close together so you never have to travel far to get anywhere and the social life is very active."
"Portsmouth has a great university environment as the campus is spread throughout the city. The facilities cater for media and software technology students as every computer has the software needed. The student accommodation that I received in my first year was appalling (Burrell House) as the housing was very old and so was the furniture. When I asked maintenance to fix my top window, instead of putting in a new lock they just glued it shut."
"The university is perfectly placed with all the other university buildings in the area. All of the buildings are good (although some areas in the library could have better ventilation) and are always clean. There are workplaces enough for students who wish to work and a lot of free-time activities in the area."
"The university is close to the beach and there is plenty of affordable student accommodation. There's a great array of things to do during the day such as two large shopping centres, places to eat, coffee shops and places such as Flip Out."


"Student accommodation is very mixed and there isn't enough for all first years in halls, but the university does then help to house students around the city in houses. Facilities are really good, no complaints. The city is compact, which means it doesn't take long to get anywhere and cabs are really cheap. Staff are very helpful and friendly and the student – staff relationships are good."
"Portsmouth is a nice coastal town, especially around Gunwharf. Commercial Road, Somers Town, and Fratton however, are a bit dodgy. Portsmouth campus is a really nice mix of original and modern architecture. The facilities are great, they really provide for their students from lecture halls to the gym. There are a ton of private student homes available."
"It's a city based campus, I couldn't get into halls this year because they ran out of spaces so I'm living in a house, which is fine. The university provided a lot of help with finding accomodation. The library is a really nice space and my department has also provided even more quiet study areas for our course before exam season. The union is nice but needs updating."
"The location is great! All halls of residence are within walking distance of every building. For those that live in private accommodation, a free bus is provided to get to uni and back, which is really handy. The buses run frequently, which makes life a lot easier for students that are not in halls of residence. The town is good. There are a lot of fun and funky places to eat and shop, such as Gunwharf, Albert Road, Elm Grove and Palmerston Road. The facilities provided are of satisfactory standard."
"Accommodation in houses could be improved (problems with mould and damp go unchecked). This is largely due to the damp conditions of being by the seaside, but measures can still be taken. Facilities are excellent, the town is open and inviting. Campus is open and easy to navigate. The weather during term time sucks."
"Portsmouth itself is a small city that in truth feels more like a decent sized town. The facilities are spread across the southwest of the city, but not too distant from each other, and it's within earshot of shopping centres and the high street. Student accommodation is mostly convenient, though I stayed in Langstone student village last year which was inconvenient due to being so far out."
"Portsmouth location wise is very suited for if you want to travel to London. It also has a beach for if you want to enjoy a casual stroll. The campus is spread out although facilities are close to each other. The facilities are of good quality, there are several computers in most buildings and the library has three tiers so there's plenty of learning space available. For students that live in halls (on campus) the university facilities are nearby and easy to access. For students who live off campus, there is a free university bus operating from early in the morning till late at night."
"The campus is situated right in the town centre (with Langstone campus just a few miles out but with all of the university's outdoor sports facilities). The town has a great student vibe with individual outlets including bars, restaurants and clothing. The nightlife is very student friendly with big acts visiting the city. Student accommodation is of a high standard with three more halls of residence being built right now."
"Being by the sea really is a big plus, especially on the days when's it's not gale force wind and rain. I also like the layout of the city/uni, all my lecture rooms etc are of good quality. Student accommodation is pretty average, however the new halls look really nice."
"My study area is basically in three buildings but they are all very close to each other. The facilities they provide are quite good. There are many computers for us to use and we can choose to work on our assignments there if the library is full. The facilities are almost the same as the library, just without all the books. We have a big library with different sections. Those who would like to discuss can choose to be at a discussing area and those who would like peace and quiet can choose to be in the quiet zone. I've stayed in three properties so far and each was a unique experience. The business building is located in the middle of the city centre and the outlet stores. Therefore, it is very convenient for students to do some groceries or have a walk after or before class."

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