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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"There are many aspects tailored to diverse students and European students to help them feel just as comfortable at the university as anyone else. There are always equal opportunities for everyone and it results in a noticeably diverse range of students."
"It absolutely does. Many different backgrounds are represented and fairly catered to."
"The University of Portsmouth supports a diverse range of backgrounds by providing 'campus visits' where it is possible to talk to, and have a direct experience with, enrolled students in order to facilitate the interaction with potential future students."
"A lot of student reps work hard and fly to different countries to represent the university in the best way they can."
"There are societies for students from all sorts of backgrounds such as the Nepalese society, German society and LGBT society etc. The university is very multicultural and there are many international students."
"The students' union is representative of students from different nationalities, which gives a sense of belonging and comfort. The SU has a strong presence on campus and encourages students to come forward with any complaints or concerns they need to have addressed."
"The University of Portsmouth has a wide range of multi-cultural groups and people from different ethnic backgrounds to give you the most diverse experience possible."


"There's a wide range of activities, including societies representing various continents, areas and countries. There's a BAME and Women's sabbatical officers in the union."
"We've just voted in our union president and one of his points was to make an international open day, so I'd say yes."
"Could do more to attract students from less well-off backgrounds."
"There is a lot of help available for international students to help them get settled in. There are many extra activities available to help them interact with others."
"There is a wide range of diversity in our uni, but sadly not much integration."
"It does, there are multiple societies and events for international culture showcases, holy celebrations etc."
"They do, they have great chaplaincy facilities and they hold many informative events and socials about tolerance, respect, diversity etc. Not only this but lecturers try to speak clearly and make themselves easy to understand all the time. Plus, there are English free revision sessions for students that need the extra language support."
"I know there are different societies for some ethnic groups, there's the Afro-Caribbean society and various others as well."
"They provide multicultural events every year and offer English courses to help those that struggle with the language. There are also some societies based on countries for those that would like to meet people from the same background."
"Yes. They have student parties specifically for international students."

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