University of Portsmouth


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"The sports facilities aren't that great and the societies are very expensive as there's a lack of subsidisation from the uni."
"There's a lack of computers available in the library."
"The halls have all been privatised and prices have gone way up. New ones being built have forced shops to close, including the best café in the city."
"Student halls are expensive and the library could be bigger. It sometimes feels like money is wasted on things like logo changes and a new sports centre."
"There seems to be some confusion around the structure and there are few past papers to look at. The library does not have enough space during peak times."
"The students' union doesn't organise as many events as I thought it would, which is disappointing. The university food is expensive ie £1.80 for a sausage roll when you can get one for £0.80 at Greggs. There's also an expensive university annual membership fee."
"It would be better if the university library was bigger and if there was less bike crime."
"Some areas of the uni are very dated and old and there's slow technology/software. We need bigger social areas too."


"Timetables are different every week. One-to-one time with lecturers (ie tutorials) is not as available as students require. Communication with lecturers via email does not get a prompt reply."
"I feel like there is a lack of societies and communities if you're not as sporty as others."
"Its rating nationally. Would like to see it improve."
"Portsmouth isn't a great city, and some people see it more as a 'party uni' than an academic university."
"The schools don't 'talk' to each other, so deadlines can be close together!"
"The area in general when living in student housing away from the university."
"I have not found the locals to be welcoming of students."
"During periods of dissertation it becomes increasingly difficult to find a seat or computer in the library."
"For some units, we did not have a handbook for the whole term, which would have made life easier. Car parking spaces are limited. One car park (if you'd call it a car park) is not enough if I'm paying £75. Potholes have only just recently been filled, you can't see the bay lines, and it's bumpy. Sometimes difficult to log in to library laptops. Cafes on campus are expensive. Also, recycling bins are everywhere."
"The library isn't the safest place if you pop to the loo and leave your laptop. And at busy times of the year, it can be VERY difficult to get a space at a desk or computer. Sandwiches in the library cafe are also very overpriced. You can't expect students to pay up to £4 for a sandwich! Some lecturers are very reluctant to help and often seem disengaged. On one course, the lecturer would only read the PowerPoint presentation slides out to us which would mean our lecture would be over in 20 minutes. One lecturer also forgot to turn up when it was close to an exam period which was very disappointing. The business school gives very little support to law students, particularly when it comes to arranging a placement year. For example, we were expected to go to lectures on how to get a placement, and twice I could not get in (despite being early) because there wasn't enough room in the lecture hall."

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