University of Portsmouth

Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"I think that Portsmouth is actually quite a good place to study (many think that it's boring here). It's a study environment and the train services are very good because if we would like to have a day trip, we can get discounts if we have the train card. It is very convenient because we have almost everything here. The lecturers here are good and there are tutors that really help you."
"Sports societies are really good. Some courses have societies too, geography for example. They all arrange big Christmas and end of year dinners which are really fun. All societies want everyone to get involved and have a great night. Very welcoming and a great laugh."
"There are multiple societies that anyone can join. A huge variety of sport activities are presented."
"Wednesdays are the social nights out. It's known as 'Purple Wednesday', which is one of the best and messiest nights out."
"The No.6 Independent Cinema has the biggest screen on the south cost."
"I think it is a really good atmosphere socially because where the uni is located in the city makes it seem mostly like a student city. This therefore makes the city seem safer. Also, there are many clubs and societies to get involved with to keep you busy outside of uni work."
"There are so many different societies to choose from, from tea party to Quiddich, photography to Judo. Everything!"
"There are a lot of sport societies. I've been told by both current and ex-students that Ski is the best to be a part of."
"The social environment is always busy. There are many, many ways you can get to know people both in and out of uni. There are so many societies, sports and events that can help you to meet new people! Societies are organized very well, students are usually cheerful. The sports facilities such as the gym, pool, rooms and grounds are in amazing condition and always busy."
"Sports clubs are readily available, friendly environments. However, in general they are not playing at a high level."

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