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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"Portsmouth really focuses on employability, which is something that I think other universities are lacking. There are careers services available throughout your time at uni and you are constantly reminded to use these."
"A very good service is provided by SPEC giving you everything you could possibly need from creating a CV right through to what you can expect from the job you just got."
"I have never known any better institution at this with regards to finding a job, applying and preparation for interviews and such. I really feel there is no way of improving it. This is why this university does so well as all of this support is amazing. The uni provides help finding jobs even up to five years after you graduate."
"The careers service helped me to build my CV and provided me vacancies for both work and volunteer activities. There are different offices that cover different functions such as mock job interviews, writing a CV, providing names of companies or agencies tailored upon personal backgrounds and education. It is also possible to get involved in paid projects as both research assistant and as a participant for experiments."
"The careers service is fantastic and offers help to graduates for a couple of years after leaving university so you don't feel left alone after finishing."
"I got involved by taking a placement year that helps you to prepare for getting a job and I think it definitely got me more credit when applying for the graduate job I wanted. It was a challenge but well documented with my supervisor checking on my progress and how I could improve at every quarter review."
"The careers service encourages placements and work experience and discusses it from the first day. They are always promoting employability skills."
"The university offers huge support with regards to help creating CVs, covering letters and making a LinkedIn account. Lecturers also provide feedback on these. While the opportunities for job placements are good for core sciences on the whole, I think it could be improved."
"The careers service has been fantastic. They helped me to revamp my CV, which now looks professional capturing relevant information in the right order and they also introduced me to jobsites that were tailored to the kind of roles I needed."


"Drop in careers service for law students every week. Purple Door provide great support, helping with CVs an cover letters. They also run mock interviews. There's a wide range of employers at the careers fairs, which are organised for every discipline group with local and national firms. Mentoring schemes are also available."
"There are many fairs to attend for jobs either part time or as a future graduate. Also, there is a website which is really helpful and sends you jobs that are part of your criteria."
"The support from the careers department involves weekly emails which detail vacant posts should a student wish to obtain part time work."
"They helped me to have a good CV and cover letter, and to make them relative to my course or company I was applying to. They arrange a mock interview to get ready for the actual one. Also, they inform you of industries/companies who want to offer placements online on the Moodle site."
"We have Purple Door, which offers careers advice even after you graduate. Everyone who goes in seems to come out with a job even if it is part time. On our course we also have a graduate skills unit, in which we learn about all different aspects of using this degree to get a job afterwards."
"Your course alone does not do everything to prepare you for a career. However, non-academic activities you take on really propel you and develop your skills to get into your desired field. Purple Door (our careers advisors) help you in ways you might not think are available: from reviewing your CV to offering placements in India and China! A large variety of employers recruit on campus. It can be a bit overwhelming actually, but there are opportunities to develop in things you like doing, and to experiment in different fields. Recruitment and opportunities are not course specific. The alumni network encourages you to have the confidence to apply for something regardless of whether you get a reply or not. They detail effective strategies and methods that will help you get the most out of your uni experience. Placement fairs, recruitment fairs, and volunteering fairs are held at the beginning of each term; the information and opportunities offered are available from Purple Door all year round and after you graduate."
"We have had endless support from the SPEC office and Purple Door. They offer CV help and also offer a lot of drop in sessions with companies such as Twilight Nights."
"Purple Door helps write CVs, but at career fairs there is a lack of science present."
"The SPEC office at the university are brilliant. They are willing to spend ages with you going through applications and CVs for every job. The Purple Door service holds mock interviews and has links with companies who come in and do the same. They help a lot and with their help and advice I got a placement year role straight away."
"As a first year, I often go to my tutor for support and guidance in post university employment. We often have people that work for volunteering organisations come in and teach seminars, those are useful since employers like people who have had real world experiences. The alumni network we have here can be accessed through Purple Door, they are an on campus job recruitment facility that have contacts in various industries. The university hosts many job fairs on campus throughout the year."

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