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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"Tutorial teaching means that classes can be more tailored to me and my interests. I come away feeling like a valued member of the uni. The college system makes it easy to meet a range of people, and helped me to make friends quickly."
"The quality of the teaching staff, being surrounded by like-minded and able students, the prestige and history of the university, the beautiful college buildings, the Bodleian library."
"The facilities are really good, there are plenty of opportunities in regards to internships or experiences that will help make me more employable in the future. I like the college system too. While the college atmosphere can sometimes be slightly claustrophobic, it also provides a sense of family which I like."
"Access to, and learning from, some of the best people in their field. World class recognition."
"There are so many opportunities available, both in terms of academics and also outside of study. The facilities are also very good, and the college system means that it is a close-knit community among the wider university community."
"Colleges create a campus feel without losing the benefits of being in a city. The location is perfect, a very easy route into London. The city is rich in culture and history and is full of architectural gems and stunningly beautiful and inspiring places to study. In addition, you are being taught by world-leading academics (those literally shaping their field of study) and yet so many are so enthusiastic about teaching the next generation of great thinkers. Tutorials are a truly unique experience."
"The prestige of studying at one of the top universities in the world. Beautiful location, incredible teaching and facilities, high standards, lots of accommodation."
"Access to a range of opportunities in many fields. Being taught by world experts on a personal basis. Surrounded by interesting and interested people."
"Studying at Oxford means being taught by some of the leading academics in your field, which is really an amazing experience. Also, there are plenty of opportunities for networking. The alumni are often very keen to return to the university, meet the current students, and even offer the lucky ones some job opportunities."
"The college system: my college provides accommodation for all undergraduates as well as good, cheap meals and has a strong sense of community. Regular tutorials with academics in small groups. Huge range of student societies, specifically lots of high-quality choirs. Frequent formal dinners. Very interesting course, mostly engaging lecturers and helpful tutors."

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