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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
6.9 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"As an LGBTQ person, there is only one club. Plush is great, but it would be nice to have more variety."
"There are good student bars and some good nightclubs, not as many as in bigger cities but fine for term-time here."
"We have many pubs within walking distance. They're rather expensive in comparison to college bars, though, so my visits are infrequent. There's a decent number of bars and clubs that are all within walking distance and all have something different to offer in terms of atmosphere."
"The clubs are limited and can get boring after a few times going to each one. A couple have already closed down and more are on the way. The pubs are nice, but can get expensive quickly. Students tend to stick to a few tried and true options that are usually good fun and enough to keep you from being bored. It's unfortunately lacking in diversity."
"There are a huge number of pubs. However, a lot of them are quite expensive for students. There are a few good nights out but some are really not great. It is very possible to have a great nightlife here, though, it just takes some time to find the best ones."
"There are loads of venues for gigs and comedy or drama performances. There are also hundreds of brilliant (if sometimes pricey) cafés."
"Pubs here are very good, though can get crowded in the summer, and the same can be said about the various cocktail bars. The clubs are okay but nothing to write home about. Unfortunately not much else is available in the evenings aside from pubs, clubs and bars."
"I'm not much of a pub-goer but there are lots of pubs in Oxford, both bustling ones and quaint little tucked-away ones. There are also some good 'alternative' places if you have more techno-leaning music preferences such as Cellar, The Bullingdon and others. I think there are good jazz nights and other social activities too."
"There are four main clubs in Oxford and there is a different event in a different club every night. I love the choice of possibilities during nights out. We also have our own college bar, which is amazing."
"There are many pubs and clubs that are good for friend groups and partying respectively. There are also some cinemas and a theatre if you prefer something less loud. Also, colleges, societies and departments organise events including themed parties and pub crawls etc."


"There are many pubs if you want a more chilled night of drinking, but some can be quite expensive like Turf. There are a handful of clubs as well, the cheese floor of Park End being the greatest thing in existence. And if you're not down for alcohol, there's a board game cafe, Thirsty Meeples, which is also good."
"There are clubs or pubs. Also, inside university-owned spaces, parties and events are often hosted by student societies. There are a number of interesting museums and galleries and plenty of societies which give the opportunity to get a flavour of a broad variety of extracurricular activities. There are also decent sports facilities, as well as parks and green areas. Everyone should find something for themselves."
"There are quite a few clubs, there are also lots of cafes and some activities to do. For example: ice skating or Thirsty Meeples (a board game café)."
"There are a good-ish number of bars, pubs and clubs that are popular among students, including an LGBTQ venue and a jazz club. However, Oxford isn't a big city and so it's not surprising that people are not always impressed with the night life. Still, when you're with your friends, a night out in Oxford is always fun. It's also nice to go to the theatre or go see a concert, and you do have options."
"There are pubs, lovely parks, tons of free museums, the old buildings themselves are beautiful to wander round. There is an ice rink, which is super fun, and punting. Lots of clubs and societies, but lots of working in libraries."
"There is a plethora of wonderful cocktail bars, all with their own unique characters and atmospheres. Freud's (a deconsecrated church) is particularly fun, hosting events such as Gin and Phonics several times a term. If clubbing is your thing then there is no lack of clubs, with favourites including Lava Ignite (Park End) on a Wednesday night and the infamous 'cheese floor' with all the guilty pleasures from your music library. The Ashmolean night-time events are something that shouldn't be missed and are always incredibly popular. There is also a fantastic theatre scene with budding actors and theatre technicians making the most of the freedom of shaping their own shows (alongside their degrees) before entering into that same world professionally."
"There are excellent shopping areas and restaurants both in the centre and suburbs. There's a cinema. There are a lot of pubs and nightclubs. There's an ice rink, but it's quite a way out."
"Lots of tourist attractions. Punting, bars/pubs/clubs, lots of green areas to play sports, lots of places to go walking etc."
"I like it because there's not just clubs, but good alternative nights like comedy plays and ceilidhs."
"The nightlife here is thriving. There are a multitude of pubs and clubs, and getting back after a night out is easy since nothing is far from your accommodation. Some places can be expensive, and the night life suffers from all the normal issues of any other night life around the country. But I've never felt unsafe, which for me is one of the most important things."

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