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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
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"The student accommodation in Oxford, while generally excellent, is very expensive. The collegiate system means there are lots of social and sporting events to get involved in."
"The location is excellent as I live in London so I can easily get back there. Moreover, the city has many activities and sights to see so it's never boring. The facilities are really good and modern with everything I need and are almost always available to use (including computer rooms, labs and printing etc). The student accommodation is great, I have an en-suite bedroom with a queen-size bed and other rooms in my college are all of a high standard. Oxford has a new shopping centre, lots of clubs/bars/restaurants, excellent natural scenery (including lakes and rivers) and Cornmarket always provides a great place to see demonstrations and events."
"It's an absolutely beautiful campus and the oldest in the English-speaking world. The buildings hold great historical significance as well as being beautiful to work and live in. There are many societies as well as plenty of shopping and every college has its own social activities and often its own gym etc. However, most of the day is spent studying."
"Oxford is a good location because it is a smallish city but with good access to London and other cities. The university buildings are all easily accessible so you can live all year without ever needing a bus. The accommodation varies at each college but, in general, rooms are a good size and have decent facilities. There is so much to do during the day including societies and sports, museums to go to, volunteering to be done, bookshops to browse and plays to see. Mostly we just do quite a lot of studying and that fills the time though."
"The city is historic with plenty of sights to visit. It has enough facilities to ease the pressure of academic work and to facilitate effective learning. Our accommodation is encouraging but you will need good enough money to get a very comfortable and modern room."
"Oxford is a lovely city and my college accommodation is generally good and very cheap. There is plenty to do during the day, though little free time to do it in."
"Student accommodation is great and I get to live in a college. The facilities are extensive but more college-specific than university-wide. For my college there is a gym, rowing machines, squash courts, sports grounds and tennis courts. There is lots to do during the day, mainly work, but also lots of ways to socialise."
"It's very central in the city (although this depends on the college) and right next to the large majority of faculty buildings and lots of shops, restaurants, museums and parks."


"The location of the university is perfect. The buildings are stunningly beautiful on the whole, and the libraries are probably the best in the entire country. However, the sports facilities are a little too small for so many students and college sports grounds are rather dated."
"As every college's accommodation is different, it varies I suppose! The annoying thing with living in college owned accommodation, is having to move around when they want you to over the holidays, because many generate a hefty amount of income from people staying during conference periods. The city is great, a nice in-between size (although people travelling from a larger city may find it a bit small). The students union isn't great, but each college is like its own mini student union so you don't really notice. And obviously, it's all really beautiful. You get the joy of walking past tourists to go and work in the beautiful buildings they're taking pictures of."
"The university is spread throughout the centre of Oxford, among beautiful old libraries and lovely cafes. The student accommodation is down to the individual colleges rather than the university, so they can vary quite a bit. When applying, it is worth visiting the colleges first and making an informed decision. I studied at Lady Margaret Hall, which has some of the best accommodation in Oxford, overlooking their huge gardens. They also provide accommodation for all three years, which is uncommon among the more central colleges."
"Located in Oxford city. Brilliant library facilities and good sports facilities, although these are slightly out of town (30 min walk from some colleges). Good accommodation, which is being regularly improved. Occasionally you might have to live out and find your own accommodation, which can be expensive."
"Location of most colleges is really central and the library facilities are great. Student accommodation is pretty good, but a bit hit and miss dependent on college attended and first year exam results. Most could be improved by having more cooking facilities. The gym could be a lot better but the pool is nice. Astroturf is really hard to book because there is only one pitch for the whole university, so often have to travel 40 minutes to use school pitches for college hockey matches."
"Oxford. Comprised of several different colleges among which the standard of facilities varies greatly depending on the wealth of the college. Newer colleges, or older ones with more funds, have better facilities. For example, some colleges have multiple (new) gyms, while others have none at all. Additionally, at some colleges, students can be provided accommodation that is heavily subsidised for all the years of their course. Whereas other colleges' accommodation is more expensive and can only be provided for two years. The departments are very well looked after, particularly the sciences in which heavy influence is placed on research."
"Oxford is a beautiful city and there are always lots of interesting things going on. I like how the university is spread across the city. The library facilities are amazing. The student accommodation on offer is good, but it really depends on which college you attend."
"Oxford is a stunning city filled with culture, diversity, and lots of things to do. Oxford University is unlike any other university I have ever experienced. I feel very fortunate to gain such a unique educational experience as an international student. The facilities are somewhat outdated, but that is to be expected with such an old establishment. The college grounds are beautiful and the faculty is very friendly."
"Very close to London, which is handy for some internships. The university is integrated with the city, which is small and town-like but bigger than Cambridge! Facilities are generally good but vary for each college, generally you get better accommodation as you progress through your degree. There are many (beautiful and ancient) libraries with free access to almost all of them. Usually a departmental and college library too. The WiFi is often oversubscribed but there are great online resources. You can get loads of help for many issues and there's usually free opt-in membership to the gym through college (but the swimming pool may be restricted)."
"Oxford has good facilities and shops. Student accommodation varies widely but is generally decent. The colleges are all very pretty."

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