University of Oxford


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"The atmosphere can get pretty tense, with a lot of weekly deadlines. By the end of term I am often incredibly stressed out."
"Can be really demanding. You need good time management between academic, extra-academic and social balance. Not everyone can take the pressure and not everyone likes the kind of system which leaves all the responsibility to the student."
"The cost by far. The lack of available scholarships or bursaries for graduate students."
"The pressure of short terms, exceedingly high workloads, and expectation can get very overwhelming. I think there needs to be a mid-term break."
"Oxford is a congested city, it is hard for such a small city to accommodate so many students."
"Colleges and departments often do not know what each other are doing, which is a pain if your course is run by both."
"Workload and brevity of terms. Not enough free time to make the most of the opportunities available."
"Organisation can be bad. The university can be expensive at times, eg gowns for formal dinners etc."
"The welfare system has not been up to scratch. When you are putting students under that much stress, the university needs to be held more accountable for students' well-being."
"Many very wealthy and entitled people (can be alienating), very conservative curriculum (for social sciences at least), little flexibility in course of studies, high pressure, achievement and success focused."

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