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Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"There's lots of social stuff. College bops are really fun and there's lots of political activism going on as well as a great students' union. We have lots of societies and provision for minorities including Class Act, WomCam, First Gen Soc and ACS."
"There are a lot of clubs that are engaging and supportive. In fact, some of the clubs (AfriSoc) have really made me feel at peace and, as a result, I'm settling in well."
"There are loads of college and university-wide sports clubs and most colleges have their own sports facilities. Membership of the university also leads to discounted membership at the university's gym and swimming pool."
"There are hundreds of societies that are very welcoming so you can find whatever takes your fancy. Whether it's theatre or sport, there's always somewhere you can try it."
"We have a very good range of societies and many different sports are played at different levels. The university teams are for more advanced players while the college teams are for the less advanced ones. We also have good music societies at university and college levels, including chapel choirs."
"Most societies don't expect you to have done the activity before and hold lots of information and taster sessions to help you get involved. I've usually found them to be pretty welcoming."
"There's an insane number of societies: sporting, academic, journalism... It's not all work, there are plenty of opportunities to play."
"There are over 200 clubs and societies: everything from rowing, fencing and shooting to D&D, bridge and Quidditch societies."
"There's a huge number of sports clubs and societies available to join and these are generally filled with very passionate people who care about what they're doing. As a result, things tend to be done to a high quality, with sporting ability being on par with the best in the country. This is in spite of facilities available to sports clubs being substandard compared to other universities that invest more in their sports clubs. Rowing tends to be an exception to this rule though, perhaps unsurprisingly. Societies range from being very specialist to being very broad and there are plenty available to explore."
"There are lots of university sports clubs for those who wish to compete at a high level, as well as college sports teams for some low-commitment fun with friends in your college. It's nice to be able to still do sports at university, even if you can't manage the high-level commitment required of university teams."


"Social environment is not centred around an SU. Each college has its own bar and the local clubs run student nights throughout the week. There are a wide range of activities and sports to get involved with, though how much you can get for free (yoga, zumba or gym passes) depends on your college. Most will offer something."
"Plenty of opportunity to get involved in sport, even though facilities are heavily dominated by the university teams themselves. Plenty of opportunities for drama though, and lots of funding available for putting on your own plays."
"This varies a lot by college, but there's a lot on offer. Importantly, the barrier to entry for a lot of college-level sports is extremely low, so don't feel ashamed to try rowing, football, lacrosse, or anything else for the first time ever."
"There are so many sports and societies to get involved in. Some social environments can seem a bit cliquey like the drama scene, but once you get an in by getting involved in something, you'll find its not that bad and in every soc there'll be some bad ones for the many good ones."
"Oxford offers a wide range of sports, arts and other types of societies (photography, movie, Harry Potter etc) in college as well as university-wide."
"The social environment can be quite work intensive at times but it makes you appreciate the time you aren't working a lot more. You can get involved with sport at a college level or at a university level, meaning there's something for everyone. There are over 400 societies as well."
"Living so close to others in smaller college environments is a huge bonus. The union is worth it if you go and see enough speakers. Make use of the Ashmolean and the fact that, as a student, you can see lots of the touristy places for free."
"Loads on offer. Sports all at college or uni level so lots for any degree of ability. Also, loads of drama, dance, debating, journalism, music etc. You can get involved in pretty much anything. But the time allowed by how much studying is required can be limited, can't normally fit in loads."
"Not a lot of time to devote to extracurricular activities, but many people do get into a sport and all sports are available. Many orchestras and opportunities to play in less typical bands and ensembles. Other unusual societies include tea appreciation, battle re-enactment etc. Subject societies put on good talks and social events. If you can think of a society you can probably find it here, but only expect to be able to attend one or two societies a term if you want to keep on top of work."
"A lot of the sports clubs are expensive to join, but there are lots of free events."

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