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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"There are lots of campus events to meet and greet employers and the careers service is very active. The university actively offers placements for students to gain work experience in academia."
"My course has a lot of aspects that allow me to develop interpersonal and transferable skills necessary for real jobs. This includes teamwork activities, presentations and research etc. The careers service is a great way to find out about possible careers and how to write a good CV and their emails let me know about everything on offer so I never miss a company. The alumni network isn't as directly involved but they certainly help to fund a lot of the activities and organise career events."
"The careers service offers a variety of opportunities and is very helpful. The on-campus recruiting is massive and there are enormous possibilities for networking (eg the Oxford Union)."
"The careers service website regularly updates new job opportunities available for Oxford students, which I check and use regularly. We also get emails sent out about potential jobs from the careers service as well as our subject departments and colleges."
"There are lots of mini careers fairs with alumni who have gone on to do a wide range of things. Alumni are often invited back and stay in contact with the colleges. A friend also got a work experience placement through a call with an alumnus."
"There is a very helpful careers service and I get email updates every week. They run 'micro internships' for a week at the end of every term and allow you to apply for summer internships through them."
"I've been to at least four recruitment fairs and two recruitment events held by individual companies. I know that there's a great careers service available to us at any time of our degree, which I will be using in the next few years. There are many placements and work experience opportunities advertised to us through the careers events and every week/month by email from the maths department and careers service. They range from one-week 'spring weeks' in the Easter holidays in the UK to eight-week summer placements abroad, which all sound very exciting!"
"The uni is good at advertising internship schemes and inviting alumni back to talk to students. There is a certain pressure though to be looking at/applying for internships with really elite high-paid city jobs (especially with subjects like PPE and law). There could be more emphasis on other careers."


"The careers service have been SO helpful. From running regular talks and workshops, to being able to book 20 minute individual appointments to discuss anything you need. They publish their events weekly in an email newsletter and you either sign up online or just turn up. The careers fairs generally happen at the start of the first term (Michaelmas) and are as intimidating as you would expect. There are specific fairs for law, finance, consulting, teaching, maths etc which I found very helpful, though there are arguments that careers outside the obvious can be under-represented. The lack of obvious campus probably puts us at a disadvantage for a lot of recruitment strategies but the college alumni networks can be very effective, depending on college. Departments can also be very useful, even for careers not directly related to your subject."
"The career centre in Oxford is excellent; they have free, all year round, one-to-one consultations and an extensive network of job and internship opportunities. They also have a net of alumni, free practice for interviews, and a number of free courses focused on busting specific skills. They also run a number of careers fairs for almost any sector during the academic year."
"There are drop-in sessions to help you with your CV and cover letter, and they do provide you with templates and information and they offer programmes that help you develop. But I would say sometimes the events put on by the societies are often more helpful and diverse, where they would invite speakers from different companies to give talks and presentations."
"The careers service at Oxford is great. The staff are incredibly helpful and motivated to help you find a job. They offer a huge range of workshops, networking events, talks etc to help you think about your career. Every week there is at least one employer-led event so you definitely have the opportunity to meet directly with employers before applying which is a big bonus. Given the prestige of the Oxford brands you get most of the big firms from different sectors coming down to run events and hold workshops for potential graduate hires."
"The careers service is great, they do lots of CV clinics and have a great email system to alert you to internships in your area of interest. Also, student run career-based societies of the university hold many events which are great for insights in to different careers, getting many prestigious firms to come and speak. There are ample opportunities for us to take with regards to preparing for a future career."
"I use the careers service when I'm looking for internship opportunities. I took part in the springboard programme for the professional development of female undergraduates run by our careers service and it was a brilliant experience that allowed us to network, work on our skill sets, learn from the experiences of others, and learn more about how to navigate the world of work."
"Careers service seems effective and helpful but they need to try and publicise themselves more, especially within colleges themselves. There is almost no contact with employers on campus except for TeachFirst. There are fairs once or twice a year but I would recommend they be more often so that when you miss one you don't miss out that year. I've had no contact with alumni whatsoever."
"Very focused on banking, and corporate life in general. Not much support for 'careers beyond profit'."
"In first year, there is not as much support as it is not of as high importance. But in second year, I know the careers service advise you with your CV and help you apply for internships taking place in the summer between your 2nd and 3rd year."
"Careers service advertises internships every year, which meant I could go to Korea, then Japan on research internships two summers in a row. Lots of careers fairs too."

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