University of Nottingham


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"It's a really great university with a beautiful campus and an excellent reputation, which is great for employment after graduation. Also, the night life is extensive with a variety of different nights to go to!"
"A beautiful campus with enthusiastic lecturers, good job prospects and a great reputation."
"Great employability centre and extracurricular opportunities. A big student union and lots of societies, as well as professional and motivated professors."
"The University of Nottingham offers all the perks of a campus university while being located close to a fun and student-friendly city. The course I am enrolled on benefits from outstanding lecturers and a well structured curriculum that has met all my expectations and even surpassed them in some cases. The student societies and clubs are incredibly well developed; it's easy to find new hobbies, keep up old ones and discover new people with similar interests in the process."
"It's a beautiful campus with a strong reputation that's popular among graduate employers. We have high-quality lecturers and a great city."
"The campus, the nightlife and the culture in the city. There's a commitment to keeping the university modern."
"The smaller campus that I'm on feels more like a close-knit community and help is always available."
"There's very good career guidance and a variety of career-centred events. It's a very green and beautiful campus and we have outstanding mental health and well-being support."
"We have a practical approach when it comes to the courses offered, as well as the opportunity to do a year-long placement in industry while continuing your studies."
"The course is really great. All first-years are guaranteed accommodation on campus and the nightlife is amazing."

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