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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
7.7 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The students' union bar is a little small and, as it's so far for second years to travel to, it isn't used too much in the evenings. The city has many different clubs but some of them are difficult to attend as you have to get tickets. The societies' events could keep you busy all week long and are really active."
"The oldest pub in England is located in Nottingham, it is lovely and serves delicious food. The nightlife is good and there is plenty of choice to suit everyone's interests."
"There are lots of different venues depending on what you're into including a number of nightclubs, loads of bars and just as many pubs."
"There are a wide range of pubs, clubs and bars to suit anyone's taste and budget."
"It's a huge student city with student nights every night and many non-alcoholic activities on campus as well."
"The typical clubs are prevalent but there are also plenty of more indie/alternative pubs and clubs. You may have to go searching for them though. It's quite a good city for gigs."
"There aren't many clubs in my area (Dunkirk). I have to go to the city centre where it's full of pubs and clubs."
"Many pubs and bars specifically cater to students and I'm yet to visit all of them after a year and a half. There's a nightclub for everyone's needs."
"There are nights out to suit every taste, from big club nights to niche nights. There are also loads of great bars and pubs."


"There's so much to do that there really is something for everyone. From fabulous restaurants of every style (Chinese, Indian, French, American, traditional British etc) to amazing club nights (Bopp, indie/mod, Crisis, club tunes, Club Tropicana is a smaller venue with a 70s/80s feel). There's also plenty of culture, with the Theatre Royale and the Nottingham Contemporary art gallery, as well as history with the castle and caves."
"There are many clubs of wide-ranging genres and there are tons of bars for all sorts of evenings, the pubs are alright if you have experienced them all and know where to look. There are many restaurants to eat at and a few cinemas too."
"The clubbing is all a bit too commercial for me but there are a ton of really nice bars to go to. You can shop in the Victoria Centre (intu) or Broadmarsh (where there are caves that you can tour for free if you're interested) and there's also rock climbing near Curzon Street, pole dancing in Hockley and plenty more."
"There are several clubs of differing musical taste that cater to many people. There are also many bars and restaurants that are vibrant and usually busy creating a good atmosphere."
"Many clubs. You could go out seven days a week and attend a different club or event every evening, even on a Sunday."
"There is a club or bar for every taste in Nottingham, making it a great place for a night out with a versatile group."
"There's a great selection of shops and Nottingham is known for its restaurants along with entertainment such as cinemas, paint balling, mini golf, ice skating etc."
"There are quite a few nice restaurants as well as the theatre with amazing productions. The clubs are quite good as well."
"There are so many cool places to eat and drink. Nightclubs and cocktail bars are everywhere and there are two huge shopping centres as well as places to sight-see; such as Woollaton Hall or Nottingham Castle. Bike riding is popular, especially alongside the river/canal. I am never bored, the city is amazing."
"So much! Not just bars and clubs (although there are many of them) but also very cheap cinemas, bowling alleys and things like crazy golf. There are also lots of free events at night such as the castle."

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