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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
8.3 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The campus is great! There's always somewhere new to explore and something new to do."
"Nottingham is a lovely city that's very localised so you can wander the whole city quickly. Transport is very affordable with fares to anywhere in Nottingham costing £1 for students. It's a little frustrating that there's no self-catered accommodation on campus but Broadgate Park, which houses several thousand self-catered students, is just across the road from the main campus."
"Both campuses are close to each other and they're in the middle of the city centre and Beeston. The uni is very comfortable when long study runs are needed. My student accommodation has a kind of contract with schools and the service is actually really good."
"The location of the university is great and it's a gorgeous green campus. The student accommodation is pricey and it's a shame that there is only one option for self-catered living. It is also unfortunate that you do not get a choice in your accommodation halls as some are nicer and more conveniently located than others."
"The location is perfect with buses into the city centre being really cheap. The campus is a lovely place to study and live. The new sports facilities are amazing and there are a range of options for student accommodation, all with their benefits. There are plenty of things to do during the day, both on campus and in the city."
"It's a campus uni, but close to the city so there's lots to do in the day and a good nightlife. We have excellent new gym facilities, lots of places to study and a new library that's just been built. The student accommodation varies depending on what you're willing to pay but it all seems decent."
"The campuses are large and well equipped with modern gyms and computing facilities. The city centre is a short bus ride or walk away from the campus and has a great selection of shops, restaurants and nightlife. Student halls are clean and comfortable and the social aspect of halls is amazing, though the food in catered halls is less than ideal. The main student area, Lenton, is convenient for both the campuses and the city centre."
"We're located a 15-minute bus ride away from the Nottingham city centre. There's a large green campus with a large lake, a park, mini golf, boating and beautiful nature walks. The scenic Trent building facilities are grouped by course and the uni is constantly developing new buildings for the expanding population."
"It's a perfect location. There's a lovely campus 'bubble' vibe but we're a matter of minutes away from the city centre. The gym is excellent and the food etc that's available in the SU building is great."
"The location is decent but where my lectures are located is about 40 minutes away from the central campus. The main campus is nice enough and has good facilities (SU centre, coffee shop, bookshops and a bank). The accommodation is a decent distance from the main campus with nice enough rooms."


"It's a beautiful campus and, being from London, I wanted a good and lively city, which Nottingham is. First-year accommodation was surprisingly nice and the second-year housing in Lenton is great."
"It's very accessible from the student neighbourhoods but getting from one place to another on campus can take a long time. Facilities are generally great and accommodation varies from excellent to poor depending on where you get placed."
"The campuses are lovely, with the uni park being pretty green. The town is great and offers enough to keep even Londoners entertained."
"Nottingham is great with lots of shops and facilities. It's a big but easy-to-navigate city with great transport links. The tram is excellent and the campus is one of the best in the country, being very beautiful."
"Nottingham is a very student-friendly and affordable city with a lot to offer (especially in terms of alternative music) but it retains a cosier side that makes it easy to adapt to. The university's facilities are top notch, with innovative and aesthetic architecture. The accommodation is both affordable and easy to find, with a big market for students in certain areas."
"The campus is located quite far from the city centre but there is an appropriate and reasonably priced bus service available. The campus is scenic and safe and I have particularly enjoyed living in halls as it has given me the opportunity to meet many new people. The facilities provided are slightly basic but definitely sufficient."
"It's a fantastic location that's close to one of the best city centres in England. Accommodation for first-years is on campus and close by. For second and third-years, it's in between uni and the city, which is perfect."
"I love the fact that it's a campus university so most of the services are only a few minutes away. They're very clean and green campuses. Support is always available for computers and IT, as well as numerous libraries. I'm very satisfied with my accommodation and had a spacious room."
"The University of Nottingham has six campuses in the city of Nottingham itself. All the campuses are located not too far from the city centre and are within walking distance. However, the hopper bus service makes it easier for students and staff to travel from one campus to another. All student accommodation is within the main campuses and next to facilities such as the student union shop, gym and libraries etc."
"The main campus (University Park) is in Nottingham. The coach and train stations are 30 minutes away but there are no big supermarkets nearby. The student halls on campus are expensive to live in and they're all catered."

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