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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"There are many groups and clubs that are established by students of various nationalities and they usually organise various cultural events or activities. You can even attend to expand your cultural knowledge."
"A lot of people I met here were from private/grammar schools in the south. However, I worked as a student ambassador here on so many widening participation events so I know the uni is really trying to attract first-gen uni students, especially from the midlands."
"It is an internationally renowned university with students from different nationalities. It also conducts exchange programmes among its own campuses in Malaysia, China and the UK."
"I think it's pretty diverse but they could do more to support BAME students."
"I think there is a fair amount of outreach programmes."
"I think the uni is strong enough to attract international students as it has an international campus in China and Malaysia."


"Yes, definitely. Partner campuses and Erasmus programmes help and bursaries are available to those who need them."
"Nottingham is great for diversity as it's Britain's global uni. There are so many people here from all over the world, from all different walks of life, and it has been great getting to know them."
"I think it does, the students themselves receive a great deal of support from the students' union through societies."
"The university has an international office where you can get help from. At the same time, you can have a personal tutor to help you."
"There is a great racial and cultural diversity of students from all over the world, especially from Asia due to the Nottingham campuses there. I think it could do more to attract students from poorer backgrounds, maybe by helping with the cost of living."
"The University of Nottingham boasts two other campuses besides its English ones, with one in Malaysia and another in China. As a result, there is a very important flow of international students and, as an international student myself, I can guarantee that the University of Nottingham is very attractive and satisfying as an institution. It takes very good care of its people and provides all the support an international student might need (and more)."
"Lots of global links attract many foreign students. There are lots of societies for different cultures."
"Without a doubt. International students, disabled students and students struggling with money are well supported here."
"It carries out different festivals for different cultures and is therefore spreading awareness and helping people to interact."
"It has societies for different backgrounds as well as a vast variety of food that satisfies all religions."

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