University of Nottingham


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"There's a lack of car parking spaces available for students."
"The campus is situated quite far from the city centre, which can occasionally be a hindrance."
"Some facilities are poor and there have been cuts made to my department."
"The location of the campus is too far away from the city for my liking."
"The prices for accommodation are quite high for a university."
"Some lecturers don't always listen to feedback very well and the university doesn't consult students much about big changes to the university or courses."
"The mental health services don't always provide as much help as I'd like."
"You might be required to do a lot of travelling for your placements."
"Some of the halls are catered and the food isn't always nice. The sports teams can be really competitive and hard to join."
"The SU isn't great and the libraries are often full."

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