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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"There is always careers advice being offered, although not directly from a personal tutor. There is somebody in the department with an open-door policy as well as career fairs that are held often."
"I receive plenty of emails about upcoming opportunities with employers and alumni. If you wish to get involved, it is easy to do so. The careers service also offers help on CVs and interview practice."
"Lots of work experience and internships are offered in the local area through the uni. Big employers such as HSBC come to the uni to give talks and appear at graduate fairs. You can easily book an appointment with very helpful advisors for career advice, this can be done pretty much at any time. CV workshops, interview practice sessions and mock assessment centres run regularly."
"The careers service is excellent (if a little overworked) and there are employer/career events on campus most weeks."
"I haven't had to deal with the careers service myself but support is offered and there are also free courses to prepare yourself for your next career move. Placements and work experience can be agreed with some companies that usually work with specific departments."
"The careers and employability service offers many different outlets for learning and guidance throughout the year. We gain several opportunities to work directly towards our career goals and improve our CV through the Nottingham Advantage Award. The university is also sponsored widely by Boots and PwC, both of which have very active presences on campus."
"We have a great careers service and officers. They send emails every week with good information and details of any opportunities."
"The careers service is really supportive and organises loads of events that are attended by a variety of employers."
"I've had a lot of contact with the careers adviser in my school through mass emails sent regarding internships and placement opportunities in Nottingham during term time and the summer."


"The careers service is really good. There are lots of advisers, lots of appointments and useful feedback. We get constant communication about events, employer presentations and skills workshops such as preparing for assessment centres and writing covering letters. I think there are five fairs held on campus including law, business, management etc. All are well attended, with good employers."
"I've been in contact with the alumni network and also there are weekly 'spotlight' events where the university runs a workshop with tips on how to get into a specific industry. Other than that I don't really know much about the employability services my university offers."
"I have used the careers service to check my CV and attended several NAA (Nottingham Advantage Awards) led by the careers service to improve my employability and interview skills. I have found these invaluable. Many top commercial law firms recruit and present on campus."
"The careers service is really good but the fairs don't represent a wide variety of types of law, only commercial which is not helpful if you want to go into another area."
"There are so many things available, including e-mentoring, drop-in mock assessment centres, mock interviews, CV reviews, company seminars to get you introduced to the different organisations that you could apply for and job application help. I think all have been very helpful for me."
"The careers service are always holding events for students to gain an insight into potential careers and also more specific events helping students with job applications, interview preparation and psychometric test practice. The employers that attended the events I have been to have been a mixture of local companies and ones from further afield. A couple of employees representing companies have been previous Nottingham students, so it was really useful to talk to them about how they got to where they are now."
"I have participated in the Nottingham Advantage Award, which is an extracurricular programme consisting of modules preparing you for jobs and increasing your employability skills."
"The university and the department of chemistry provide tailored career advice and support year-round. There are also career fairs every two or three weeks at least, providing all the opportunities one could wish for to find out more about potential employers."
"There's a careers fair as well as a professional development module in the first year and talks from different companies. All this has increased my understanding and helped me plan my future."
"They have a lot of job fairs on campus. One thing I think they could improve are their year abroad links. The year abroad is a great opportunity to gain work experience in the field in which you want to work but a lot of the jobs they offer are for teaching English and not everyone wants to be a teacher."

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