University of Northampton


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The course is good and the support from the uni and SU is helpful."
"The different opportunities that we are given, including the chance to study abroad with Erasmus and to travel to Sweden for a week."
"Our pretty library and campus are great. There is always something going on and you never feel bored."
"The opportunities and support given towards getting jobs, the online learning environment and resources and the support of teachers with the personal academic teacher."
"Being free to join a wide range of societies."
"There's friendly and supportive staff who have helped me so much with my work, deadlines and mental health. I cannot fault the amount of support that is provided within the university. There are a lot of amazing facilities to use to help with my work and projects, allowing me to explore and learn new things."
"I've had ongoing support from lecturers including assignment support sessions in the students' union, which is a great way of socialising. The uni also provides help through counselling and helps students to get a job through the employability plus programme."


"Easy access, clear layout and supportive staff."
"The library has an extensive catalogue."
"Teachers are really supportive, understanding and so, so helpful. I love the course and the new skills I'm currently learning."
"I've found that the university is supportive a lot of the time."
"You're treated like a person and not a number. The lecturers are amazing, very friendly and have experience with working in practice so they can make it interesting."
"I really like the halls and the university library."
"I found the social life here to be really good."
"The cost of living is low and there's good teaching at the uni."
"Small lecture classes mean you get one-on-one time with lecturers who know you."

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