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Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.


"Some student accommodation is really old and small, but they have new ones that are quite good, if expensive. The library could be bigger and the WiFi could be faster. I think the cafeteria could offer more, and healthier, hot foods."
"The location is good and the free/low cost transport is really useful. Student accommodation is in a good location compared to the university."
"Avenue Campus (student halls) is in a good location and it only takes about two or three minutes to walk to the art studio and other facilities. Very handy."
"The facilities on the campus are OK. The location is close to the town centre and student accommodation is good, although the WiFi is really bad."
"The city is fine, although my campus is a bit far from the town centre. The campus is nice with lots of nature and animals and it's a peaceful place to study. I think the accommodation needs a bit of improvement though as rooms are too small and the WiFi is bad."
"Northampton is a quiet town where not a lot goes on and there's not much to do so it can get boring at times. There's easy access between both campuses as you can take a free bus ride. The facilities are good but could be improved with access to creative programmes (such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro, etc) on all computers across both campuses. I stayed in St. John's accommodation in my first year and I loved the modern look of it as well as the en-suite bathroom and living area."
"I stayed in St John's Halls for the first year and they were amazing (though the rule of not allowing people to stay past midnight was rubbish). The campus (Park) is really nice and the library is great. However, both campuses (Avenue and Park) are quite far away from St John's Halls so I had to pay £2 for my journey to and from Park Campus, which sucked."
"Northampton is a good location for travel. The campus has free buses that can almost get you to the town centre but it's about 45 minutes to walk. Student accommodation is okay, except for constant issues with internet connectivity."
"Student accommodation could improve, especially the cheapest rooms. The campus is close to town and has good facilities."
"My only issue is that the St. John's accommodation was expensive, as was the canteen in Newton."

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