University of Northampton


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"Some facilities need improving."
"There's very limited parking and money is being spent on a new campus that isn't needed. It could be spent on books instead."
"There's a poor wifi connection in some sections of the campus and the university bus service can be poor."
"The building of a new campus has taken priority over the older campus."
"There's a lack of sporting facilities and social facilities. The prices in the shop are high and the gym is awful."
"Within the arts department, we practically have to pay for everything. Nothing is free and we have to provide all equipment such as paints, brushes, paper and sketchbooks etc. Even if we want to do print making, it still costs money to provide special paper. Nothing is free or given, which is a pain as art equipment is expensive and being a full-time uni student isn't easy with funding. Sometimes the tutors and university can be unorganised and get dates and deadlines wrong. I'm hoping it'll be a lot better for my third year."
"There was a big misunderstanding around my placements regarding the tutors. I'm hoping the same isn't going to happen again."


"Not enough car parking facilities."
"Some of the accommodation on campus has been bad as the WiFi doesn't work properly. Printing and buses cost a lot."
"There isn't that much to do in the town so it can get boring quickly if you're doing the same things."
"There's been poor organisation for trips leading to us only getting told about them at the last minute."
"A lack of information given by staff and unorganised staff members."
"My halls of residence weren't great compared to others."
"I've had a lack of support from tutors."
"Trying to find decent spots for WiFi is a challenge."
"The nightlife here is very quiet."

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