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Night life
8.2 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"Manchester is a big (and yet compact) city. There are fine bars and restaurants in the Northern Quarter and also budget-friendly ones in town and near Fallowfield. Manchester also has an active LGBT scene and nightlife!"
"A city that gave birth to Northern rave culture in the UK has loads to offer. You'd be hard-pressed to explore every single thing to do in town as there's so much going on."
"There's loads of clubbing and parties, it's fantastic. However, what attracted me most is that there are so many rock gigs in Manchester. I've seen many bands that I never imagined I'd have the chance to."
"There are loads of concerts and an exceptional music scene. There's a busy nightlife in town, as expected from a big city."
"There's no shortage of nightclubs around here! It can get really wild depending on where you go and there are different kinds of nightclubs. You'll almost certainly find something that you like around here."
"Everything from clubs playing cheesy classics and old school bangers to quirky jazz bars in the Northern Quarter and the grimy Warehouse Project and secret acid house raves. There are even folk music gigs. You will never get bored."
"In terms of nightlife, Manchester is incredibly varied. There are smaller weekly club nights such as Gold Teeth, which is great fun. The music scene has lots to offer for fans of all types of genres. Also, there's the yearly Warehouse Project series, which is a huge night out. There's a huge selection of bars and restaurants located in the city centre that are great to explore. The shopping is also great with the Armitage Centre and Trafford providing high-street retailers. Alongside this there's a great alternative/vintage fashion scene with the likes of Afflecks and smaller vintage shops/wholesalers. There are also plenty of museums, exhibitions and art galleries such as the Whitworth."
"There's loads of stuff to do! Art galleries, museums, shopping centres, the Northern Quarter, many music venues, theatres, a ton of cafes, cake shops, restaurants and bars etc. In Trafford, there are activity centres for things like skiing, sky diving and extreme trampolining."
"Manchester is a cultural city. There are many things to do in terms of music, dance, gigs, festivals, concerts and museums."
"You can't get much better than a Manchester night out. There are copious amounts of bars and nightclubs and something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a classy night out or a get-together at your local pub or bar, you're never short of options."
"Plenty of clubs are available for everyone to find something for their niche."

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