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Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.


"The accommodation is far from uni. There's no cheap gym for students and the ones that are available can get very busy."
"Most accommodation is rather old, having been built during the sixties and seventies and there is no Wi-Fi in some halls. The university campus is located very close to the city centre and has a museum, gallery and a huge park near it. Most student accommodation is about a 10-30 minute walk away or you can hop on one of the frequent buses."
"The University of Manchester is perfectly placed between the city centre and the infamous 'curry mile', so a short bus ride will always get you to somewhere interesting. The facilities are great around here and there are always new things being done to make the student experience better such as adding charging stations at the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons (a building open 24/7)."
"The university is located halfway between everything you need. The most popular (and definitely most fun) student accommodation is in a leafy area called Fallowfield with great cafes, pubs and parks that you never get bored of. Hop on the bus in the direction of town for 15 minutes and you arrive at the heart of the uni campus that boasts a series of incredible modern developments as well as very grand structures such as the old library. If you stay on the bus, you will arrive in the centre of town about 25 minutes from Fallowfield. This is really no time at all and, with an annual bus pass, you soon realise that you can go anywhere in Manchester and you never want to stop exploring."
"I think the location of the university is great as it's so close to the centre of Manchester, which is obviously a great city. I think the library is excellent and I can always find a seat personally. That said, I know that finding a free computer is sometimes more difficult. The student accommodation that I stayed in was old and quite run down, but that was all part of my first-year experience. I know they're planning to redo the Fallowfield campus."
"The university and accommodation I am currently living in is on the edge of the city centre. My accommodation is in a very close proximity to my lectures and classes, a maximum 15-minute walk to all facilities."
"The city is very busy with lots of things to do and so I very rarely feel bored. The campus is quite spread out so travelling from accommodation to lecture halls can take a while."
"There are several student accommodation options including city centre, Victoria Park and Fallowfield. The most popular, and also the furthest away, being the last. Fallowfield has, in my experience, below average facilities and quality in general. However, the atmosphere and buzz make up for this. There is an issue with the lack of study space but this is an issue that they have tried to combat by building new work spaces and buildings. However, the sheer number of students continues to greatly exceed the availability, which means that, as exam period approaches, finding a space becomes a challenge."
"It's ideally placed because it's close to a number of shops, cinemas and food markets etc."
"The location is in the city so it's close to everything. The accommodation is okay, a bit expensive for what it is but the facilities are good."

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