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What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"It's sometimes unclear what is expected in exams, what differentiates each grade boundary and how can I increase my chances of getting a higher grade."
"The halls of residence that I had to live in during my first year were built in the 1960s and had tiny rooms and other problems."
"Lecturers are always busy and there is usually a queue if you want a one-to-one."
"Some of the accommodation is quite far from the uni."
"Several students need more contact hours."
"The dedicated chemical engineering building closes after 5.00 pm and on weekends, leaving far inferior buildings to continue studies within. Classes are overcrowded and very little or no face-time is had with lecturers. Coursework is routinely returned late and teaching materials do not always line up with the material we're tested on at end of the module."
"I've not had that many contact hours."
"I don't have enough free time to focus my attention on applications for internships."


"My accommodation is far from campus and they release the exam timetables quite late."
"It's too big and crowded for me. I've also had bad interactions with the accommodation staff."
"Not all lectures are podcasted and there aren't many learning spaces. There are not enough books for all students in the libraries, this is especially true for core textbooks."
"There's a lack of facilities (such as microwaves) in halls for students to use."
"The additional costs can add up. The halls I ended up in were great but I got catered when I hadn't asked for it and ended up having to fork out an additional £125 a week for food that I didn't really like."
"Some of the buildings on campus need refurbishment."
"A high standard of work is always expected from you. Be prepared to put in a lot of work."
"Computer areas are overcrowded during peak times and it can be almost impossible to find a working space."
"Some of the halls of accommodation could be in better condition."
"I would say that the accommodation facilities in Manchester are below average. While I generally enjoyed the halls I finally chose, I didn't feel that there was much choice and overall the quality of facilities was quite poor. Another slightly negative note (for some) would be the distance between the (main) accommodation campus based in Fallowfield and the actual university buildings, roughly a 30-40 minute walk away. This means that the bus pass costing £200 is almost compulsory for some as it's not always feasible to walk. However, many students do cycle and they are currently in the process of constructing a new cycle path that runs the entire distance between the university and Fallowfield."
"Communication between students and lecturers can sometimes be slow."
"The weather can be pretty miserable sometimes."

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