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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"The main city sports centre is shared with other unis and colleges, which can be a drawback. There are many sports clubs and societies available at uni so make sure to attend the society fair at the beginning of the year."
"There are so many clubs and societies at the university, from cultural societies to sports to academia-based societies to knitting and baking. The opportunities are endless."
"There are lots of sports and clubs and, if there are none that interest you, you can start a society of your own."
"The University of Manchester has the biggest students' union so there are plenty of clubs and societies to join."
"It is so easy to join a sports club and feel a big part of it. Climbing the committee within is always possible and the sports clubs as a whole do a lot together with events to make you feel like a unit. There are also some very niche societies and starting them is very easy."
"Societies are a big deal in Manchester and there are plenty of them in sports and social areas. Networking events and trips are always well organised and advertised within the city."
"We have a lot of societies and clubs. There is always one that you can call your own and they're very friendly and open."
"There are lots of clubs in any area you can think of and creating new clubs in your area of interest is relatively easy."


"There are lots of sports groups to join throughout the year. Gym facilities are also great."
"There's a great variety of clubs and societies as well as friendly people around the campus."
"Sports are great at UoM. There are a few gyms very close to the campus and sports tournaments happen every Wednesday afternoon/evening which is why no one will have lectures or seminars scheduled for that time. There are many societies, from the Harry Potter society to rock climbing. You'll definitely find an interest here."
"There are a huge variety of societies and clubs that are not just sport-related but also food and other activities such as gaming societies. The choice is huge and you can get involved in freshers' week."
"There are loads of clubs and societies. I used to be in the rowing club but the facilities weren't very good. Investment is needed in some societies, especially to promote some of the sports."
"There are lots of societies but they are often still expensive to join. They make for a very social environment and it's very easy to meet people through them."
"There is a very wide range of sports clubs from surfing to yoga, as well as other kinds of societies (drama, pirates society, debating society etc). Also, free sport activities are provided by the university in halls of residence during particular days of the week. There is always something to do in Manchester, sometimes so much that you can't decide between your options."
"The freshers' fair has thousands of things for you to get involved in and I have friends who love going to things like dance class, dodgeball and debates every week. These are not too expensive and are sometimes even free to join. There's every sport you can think of to get involved with that you can play socially or competitively, but these clubs can be very expensive. Most societies, sports societies and teams meet on a weekly basis to train or compete or do whatever the society does and then, on top of that, organise socials that are great for a good night out. There are quite a few gyms (both private and part of the university) close to the accommodation to choose from."
"There's a wide variety of sports clubs and societies to join, no matter what level you are at. Most societies hold taster sessions to allow you to try whatever you like. Most clubs will have a cost for joining for the year and this should be considered before committing to a club."
"Manchester is a very social university and there are hundreds of societies you can join. Sports is a major part of my university life and it is great for being social across all areas of the university. Manchester is also competing with some of the best teams in the country."

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