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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"There is a lot of career support from careers services as well as a lot of career fairs, ranging from small fairs for particular schools to large fairs for the entire university and other universities. Employers range from small companies to large international companies such as BP and Shell."
"The careers service here offered mock interviews and assessment centre sessions. There's an extensive alumni community that's brought in to give advice and talks eg Teach First, Accenture, EY, The British Army and Nestle."
"There have been events in the maths department focused on employment such as the annual careers fair and a statistics careers fair. I am unaware of any university-sponsored work experience, though there have been events focused on preparing us for internship applications."
"The careers service is awesome. The staff are very friendly, patient and well trained. They know how to help you and always have smiles on their faces."
"The careers service is amazing if you want to take advantage of what's offered there."
"They got me an internship and lots of interviews. I also had mock interviews and we went through my CV. The services are there if you seek them out."
"There are ample opportunities for students when seeking advice and the careers service is very hands on. They will help on a wide range of issues from general CV advice to a personalised job scenario. The alumni network is a friendly and successful network with people who are willing to sacrifice their own personal time to help with any queries."


"The support from the careers service is excellent. They organise workshops, one-to-one guidance sessions and employer-led events."
"The careers service gives out a list of employers and guidance on how to write your CV and prepare for an interview. The employers that present and recruit on campus give detailed insight of their company and useful information."
"If you have a loose idea of what sector you want to work in then I would highly recommend using our careers service. They offer continuing support for things like CVs, interviews, placements and internships that I'm currently trying to get onto for next year. The university also offers the Gold mentoring scheme that pairs you up with a member of the alumni who is working in a similar job/sector to the one you describe in the application form that you fill out prior to being assigned. My mentor offers me expert knowledge from having gone down exactly the same route and I cannot recommend it enough based on the experience I've had with it."
"This is the best part! The regular careers fair is always full of prestigious companies and the careers portal online has a lot of jobs that you can easily access and apply to."
"Our careers service is top notch! They're always advertising workshops and guidance appointments and the people who work there are so friendly and supportive. I've booked a couple of appointments with them and they helped me work out what paths I could follow when I graduate. They also helped me form a plan on what I should do to gain experience before graduation and how to strengthen my applications. Careers fairs are always happening around the university and you get to meet companies and organisations from all kinds of sectors. Plus, the university has really good links with alumni who tend to come back onto campus to give talks etc."
"The careers services and fairs on offer are amazing. You get to speak to representatives from huge companies and really get insight into what they do. You get reminders constantly about things you can attend and are encouraged to explore different industries. They really support you and make sure that you have all the help you need."
"The careers service is good at relaying the opportunities available and lots of employers target Manchester. The alumni network could be better communicated to the students and more events set up. Overall, the careers service offers a good service for those who utilise the opportunities and events that are on."
"The second-year reading week consisted of a week working with the careers service reading over our CVs, practising interview skills and psychometric test etc. It was very useful."
"Due to the vast size of the Manchester student population, the number of careers events on campus is large and varied. Furthermore, this is regularly being added to and improved. This year, a new event began called Future Fest where a large series of tents were set up exhibiting a more diverse range of career opportunities beyond the typical large financial/legal businesses that often dominate. Additionally, in my third year, I got a place on the Gold programme where I was paired up with an alumni who gave me advice on the particular career area I was looking into. This was an invaluable service that I would highly recommend."
"The careers service is an integral part of geography at Manchester. One unit within the course is dedicated to employability, where you evaluate the skills you have gained and identify any gaps that need to be addressed. It also teaches you how to write a CV properly, especially for future job applications. They also offer simulations of assessment centres and similar activities that may be asked of you in a job application process."
"There's a lot of information about training contracts etc for law students after university and you can book appointments with the careers service if you need to. There are always opportunities to take part in networking etc via information sent in emails."

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